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2 Million People Per Year Vanish Without a Trace


According to statistics, every year, almost 2 million people vanish from Earth without a single trace. That makes 3 per minute!

A great portion of this number is due to life expectancy or criminal reasons. But for another part of them, there is no explanation...


The tragic fate of the IX Legion

In 118 before Christ, the elite IX Legion of Rome was sent to crush a rebellion on the Iberian peninsula that was aimed at the Romans. The legion was specially trained to deal with just such uprisings.

At some point, Rome lost contact with the soldiers. Around 6000 people and hundreds of carts vanished all at once. The attempts by the Romans to locate the unlucky IX Legion were unsuccessful. Modern day archaeologists are also stuck. Their efforts to find mass graves, swords, shields or flags have been futile.


A division of 3000 vanishes into thin air

Another shocking story occurred in 1937 in China, which was at war with Japan at the time. South of Nanking, a division of 3000 Chinese soldiers took up a defensive position on one of the bridges.

The advance was supposed to happen in the morning. But surprisingly, radio contact with the division went silent. Officers that were sent to investigate found the trenches to be empty - no bodies, no sign of any battle. Not even a trace of the soldiers. Today, there is still no answer for what happened to them.