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Immortality only after 20 years?

Immortality only after 20 years?

Humanity will reach the secret of immortality after no more than 20 years, says Ray, a keen scientist, in an english newspaper.

Since their existence on Earth, people have dreamed of immortality. Now science has reached such progress that this effect can be achieved theoretically. He was a 61-year-old American scientist. In his career he has successful predictions and other new technologies. Today he is convinced that computer technology in combination with gene science will reach a moment that will defeat death.

Ray believes that the current pace of development of nanotechnology indicates that within 20 years physicians will be able to replace almost all worn organs.

Nanotechnologies are one of the most modern and rapidly developing fields of science. Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary field, combining inorganic and organic chemistry with physics, biology and material science.

This may seem too optimistic for some, but now having the possession of modern science and neural implants, after 20 years, science will have the tools to reprogram our bodies and to address the aging process in the opposite direction. A nanotechnology will allow us to live forever, one scientist believes.

Scientists believe that nanotechnologies will replace blood cells that can perform their work in a thousand times more effective process.

Immortality only after 20 years?

Nanotechnology will significantly enhance the ability of our brains, we can write entire books for a minute. Immense popularity will receive virtual sex. We expect a future in which the human race will become a cyborg.