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What are Somatics?

What are Somatics?

Somatics is an unusual phenomenon witnessed in the Himalayas. By definition, a somatic state is a state, similar to lethargy, which only the most spiritually advanced yogi attain.

Somatics can be described as a type of self-preservation, a state of deep sleep, where the vital processes in the body of that person are slowed to such a degree that even modern medicine can't detect them.

Numerous scientists believe that the somatics mechanism is based on the transition of water contained in the human body into a 4th physical state, which was only recently discovered by science and is still being studied.

Some who have researched the somatics phenomenon believe that the water in the cells of yogis who practice it changes into a 4th state of matter, thereby getting rid of defective and damaged cells. Proof of this is that before they actually fall into a somatic state, yogis need climb up high in the Himalayas, to locations containing hidden, mysterious lakes.

In the process of preparation of falling into a somatic state, yogis drink water only from these mysterious lakes. Then they fall into deep meditation and, by manipulating their biofield, they affect the water in the body, transforming it into another state.

While the yogi's body is in a somatic state, their soul is free to wander - this is the so-called OBE (out of body experience). A body preserved in this way can remain intact for hundreds of thousands, even a million years.

According to Tibetan masters, the bodies of a number of Atlanteans, having fallen into a somatic state, remain hidden in secluded caves in the mountains, with the locations known to only a few handful. Their bodies, along with those of others who have fallen into a somatic state, will remain there, acting as a sort of gene bank to preserve the human gene pool.



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