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Cemetery of vampires was discovered

Cemetery of vampires was discovered

Graveyard of vampires has been detected in the Czech Republic, near the town Chelyakovitsa. During excavations for the construction of a new building dead bodies of 13 people were discovered, all of whom were buried in the same horrific manner.

Their hands were tied with leather straps, a chest stuck to them was picked from aspen. It is known that such a tree is believed that it could kill vampires if punctured in the chest. The deceased had no arms and no head, they were badly cut, probably by repeated blows with an ax.

All carcasses were men of roughly about 30 years of age. After their mortal remains were studied, it became clear that they were local, but were killed before a hundred years.

Their hands were cut off while they were alive and the last thing they saw, was the approaching of the wooden stakes to their breasts.

According to researchers of the carcasses they were probably arrayed against as the 13 local men for some reason were considered vampires. Likely the 13 of them are victims of a disease which, according to the concepts of that time resembled something of vampirism.

Among the written documents from that time they found no mention anywhere of murdered men, considered vampires. Whether they were indeed a threat to the town or have become victims of local superstition, has not yet become clear.