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The Week Until October 19th in Astrology

Throughout the new week, Mercury will continue its retrograde motion in Libra. The Sun and Venus also find themselves in the air sign, which will activate a diplomatic tone.

Aries - Many meetings and conversations

Many meetings and conversations await you in the new week. Some of them will not be pleasant and you may end up having huge arguments. New opportunities will be revealed before you in the professional aspect, which you need to consider carefully. Small misunderstandings are possible that you will solve with ingenuity.

Taurus - Work as part of a team to solve the problems

This week you need to try to work on the problems and conflicts around you. Seek the advice of others and work together against the challenges before you. The aspects of Venus will help you find the right approach to the people around you but because of Mercury's retrogradation, there may be discrepancies in the final expectations.

Gemini - Begin to save


An old love of yours may appear on the horizon in the new week. If you intend to meet with them, plan to do so at the end of the workweek, when the planetary aspects will be much more favorable. In the days up to October 19, you need to pay close attention to your financial state. You will be required to begin saving.

Cancer - Stand up proudly against certain people

In the new week, you will stand up against someone who's allowing themselves to command you. Show willpower and strength of character. Up until the end of the week, you will feel ignored and isolated. Small misunderstandings await you at home because of something you've said while agitated and irritated.

Leo - Socialize more

This week your ability to communicate with others will be expressed in full force. Make new friends and take part in discussions, especially ones that are online. At the end of the week, look for ways to express yourself but also prepare to listen to the criticism of others.

Virgo - You will make important decisions

You face important choices this week. You're expected to be decisive and show persistence regarding the goals you've long been planning. Your views with someone close to you may differ radically but you will most likely be able to convince them with more reasons.


Libra - Expect to reach new heights

You find yourself in the sunny period of your personal year cycle. You may attain new heights professionally and personally. You will be given more responsibilities and a range of action but since Mercury is in retrograde, you will doubt whether you are the right person, constantly thinking back to past mistakes you've made.

Scorpio - Don't pursue uncertain things

Focus your efforts in a single direction and don't pay any attention to the conflicts around you. You find yourself in a Saturn transit, where you lay the foundation for things that will develop in your next personal year. Avoid pursuing things that are uncertain, instead be happy with what you have.

Sagittarius - Plan a purchase but don't buy

In the days up to October 19th, carefully plan a purchase you've long been interested in. However, do not rush to buy whatever that may be while Mercury is in retrograde. Plan to hang out with your old friends more throughout the week.

Capricorn - Clarify your relations with your partner

Throughout the new week, aim to fulfill every promise you've given. Now is the perfect time to clarify and harmonize your relations with your partner. Carefully discuss the misunderstandings that get in between you. Free yourself of the negativity you've accumulated in the past few days.

Aquarius - Focus on your health

This week, focus your attention on your health. Come up with a plan for boosting your immune system and eat more fruits and vegetables. Now is also a suitable time to learn something new. You can sign up for a class or discipline that will allow you to grow intellectually.

Pisces - Overcome the differences with your partner

Find common ground with your partner. Discuss the disputes that you've been facing for some time and try to smooth out the differences between you. At the workplace, discuss the projects that will require investments after a time.

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