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What the Stars Portend for you in the Week Until November 27

Weekly horoscope

At the start of the week, the Sun is going to move into Sagittarius, which is the sign of sincerity, spontaneity, education and distant travels. With the aspect between the Sun and Jupiter in Libra, all duplicities and controversial actions are going to come to the light.

This week, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn form a conjunction, which will break apart any behind the scenes actions and manipulations. If you have any kind of devious intentions toward someone, don't think that you're going to get away with them.

For the cardinal signs, the aspect is going to bring severe arguments in romantic relationships. Tremendous conflicts and bouts of jealousy provoked by strong emotions are possible.

Aries - Time to realize your long-term plans

This week you have to focus entirely on your long-term plans, all while never underestimating the role of pre-planning. Even if you see opportunities that allow you to act on whatever you have in mind, don't rush, instead come up with a plan. You have a chance for progress but you're going to have to deal with certain obstacles, related to documents. In the coming days, you're also going to have to make important choices that will test your loyalty and sincerity.

Taurus - The week will be an emotional one

This week, dramatic situations are going to come one after the other in your daily life and even though you're not a fan of extremes, you're going to face a series of strong emotions in the coming days. Use whatever's happening to create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere and face your great fears. In the professional aspect, prepare for frequent checkups and potential warnings from your bosses if you're not up-to-date with your documentation.

Gemini - Be careful when communicating with others

In the days until November 27 it's important that you're precise in your communication with others, as brash words may cause severe tension in your personal relationships. You're going to have to provide explanations to some of your loved ones for unfulfilled promises and failed joint projects. Keep your emotions in check and don't give in to provocations because otherwise you'll regret it. Remain focused on your obligations at work because every distraction will cost you dearly.

Cancer - Don't conceal your emotions

This week will be tense for your relations with your closest. You may once again face past disappointments, a broken promise or feeling of dissatisfaction that has been dogging you for months. No matter what doubts come up, you have to clear things up with the people around you, instead of covering up your emotions. Provocations are possible at the workplace as well, where more will be asked of you. At the end of the week, an opportunity for an important trip may appear.

Leo - This week you have to be more serious

This week will provoke you toward greater activity in both your personal and work tasks. It's important that you're rational and serious though, with more thought rather than spontaneity behind every action. Plan your work obligations well, in order to spare yourself certain problems related to the complex tasks. The 2nd half of the week will require you to act quicker but also adequately and flexibly in the situations.

Virgo - Be more organized

Throughout the new week you're going to need to be more organized in terms of issues related to home and family. Pay attention to your relations with those closest to you and if there's any problems that need to be resolved, now is the time to discuss them. Don't suppress your emotions any longer because this will only cause greater hardship between you in the future. The week will also be favorable toward changes in the home. In the days until November 27, prepare for financial-related disappointments.

Libra - Don't run from your problems

This week you're going to need more time to yourself and will try to limit your communication with others at all cost. But the events will oftentimes take you out of your comfort zone and push you to action. You shouldn't run from your problems, you have the opportunity to expand your worldview by confronting some of your greatest fears. At the end of the week, the attention of others will be focused on your behavior.

Scorpio - Think about your peace of mind and security

The new week will ask of you to be more practical and make decisions that don't oppose your comfort. Think primarily about your peace of mind and security. The period is perfect for increasing your earnings or discussing your salary. Don't hesitate to ask for appropriate payment for your work because you will be heard. Your friendships will be subjected to serious tests this week and you may even discover some very unpleasant truths about the people around you.

Sagittarius - Rely only on yourself this week

The week will present opportunities for getting ahead professionally but success will come with high doses of tension. You have to trust primarily in your judgement and not seek the aid of others, since they're not going to adequately reflect your needs and may even complicate your problems. Be careful with money, especially toward the end of the week. Try to be reasonable when you find yourself having to spend.

Capricorn - Time for reevaluation

This week is going to be one of reevaluation for you, where you're going to have to think back and weigh the pros and cons of your decisions. Prepare for serious tension at work, provoked by those around you. You're going to have to come face to face with the challenges and mobilize all of your energy in order to overcome the hurdles. Avoid conflicts with coworkers or higher ups because they are not going to help you in resolving the problems.

Aquarius - Act in order to realize your plans

The week will put you up against serious financial difficulties and you're going to need to be more active in resolving them. Don't think that sharing will be enough - in fact this week it's important that you act more and talk less. Use social networks and your acquaintances to popularize your ideas but when it comes to the actual work, rely mainly on your own abilities. Work following an organized schedule but no matter how amazing your spontaneous ideas feel, give yourself time to think over them.

Pisces - You have opportunities for professional growth

This week your strongest desire will be to receive professional recognition for your work thus far. Your ambitions will be high, plus you're going to have plenty of opportunities for realizing your plans. If you invest the required effort and set aside a large chunk of your time, you're going to achieve amazing things, while others will recognize your hard work and purposefulness. At the end of the week, prepare for dramatic moments involving your friends.