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Your Horoscope for the Week Until June 25

Weekly horoscope

This week is going to fall under the patronage of the sign of Cancer, as the Sun and Mercury will be entering the water sign on Wednesday, while the New Moon occurs in Cancer at the end of the week.

In the days until June 25, we're going to be more open to the needs of loved ones and more responsive to their requests. The week is going to predispose people of the arts to become more active in their projects, while predisposing parents to turn their attention to their kids.

The week is going to make you more sensitive to the goings-on at home, which is why it would be good to do something nice for those we love and to demonstrate our emotional support.

Aries - Look to your family and home

During the new week you're going to have more opportunities for engaging in various family events. You can initiate new ideas related to your family and home. Renovation and communication with those closest to you are taking center stage in the coming days; you shouldn't sit on the sidelines, instead sympathize with those around you and support them if they're going through a difficult period. Some of their actions may disappoint you but try to understand them.

Taurus - It's time to show your knowledge and skills

The new week is going to nurture your creative side and provide you many new ideas that you can express in a creative way. Now is the time to go ahead with your plans, without fearing the role of leader. Don't follow, instead lead those around you, because this way your dreams will become realized more easily. The week will predispose you to writing, short travels or signing up for new classes with which to improve on your knowledge and skills.

Gemini - Bring order to your finances

Issues related to the material side of life are going to come to your attention throughout this week. The time is suitable for determining whether you think you're receiving the compensation you feel you deserve and whether your earnings are covering your spending. Ask for your money if you've given out a loan and be more categorical in decisions related to your financial stability. During this period, you're going to be more receptive of others' emotions and words, which will in turn help you pick the right side to stand on.

Cancer - Be an initiator

This week you can start on a great many of your plans but it's imperative that you're an active participant and not just an observer. Take the initiative more often and don't be afraid of the big responsibilities because performing them may turn out to be quite pleasant and fun. Fill your daily schedule and try to be at the center of events. Even if some of your plans don't go exactly as you had hoped, don't get upset and don't give up.

Leo - You become more sensitive and intuitive

Throughout this week, you'll be able to rely on your inborn activeness more frequently and just go with the flow. You're going to have a greater tendency to put off responsibility onto others and to adapt to the conditions without undergoing changes. Your sensitive side may be a bit heightened; this time around you're not seeking attention, instead you're doing everything you can to isolate yourself from the surrounding world. Rely on your intuition during this period because it will lead you down the right path.

Virgo - Be fairer to people

Throughout the new week, you're going to be most interested in your social relationships and, guided by this desire, you may forge many new social contacts. But try to give as much as you receive because even the smallest injustice will be strictly punished. Don't be tempted to take on an authoritative role of one who teaches others, instead try to be more sympathetic and place yourself in others' shoes. Be careful with your expenses toward the end of the week and don't spend more than what you've planned ahead of time.

Libra - Turn your attention to your career

You're entering a period in which your career and professional achievements are going to take center stage. But you need to choose your words carefully when negotiating with your bosses or making important appearances. It's possible that a great many of your work plans do not get realized following your original schedule but don't let this distress you. This is the right moment to show that you're exactly where you need to be and aren't going to back down from your promises at the first sight of a problem.

Scorpio - Change your daily routine up a bit

The week is going to predispose you to changes. Feel free to change your setting briefly in order to take your mind off problems in your daily life. Travel will do you good, regardless if planned or not. Throughout this period, free yourself of all limitations in order to broaden your perspective. When it comes to work and money however, try to make realistic plans and prepare for turning points toward week's end.

Sagittarius - You're going to react sharply to injustice

Over the course of this week you may feel more sensitive toward aspects in which you feel something lacking or wherever you come across injustice. Your fiery nature is going to be provoked by the fact that some people abuse the power they're given or are ungrateful for favors done for them. In the coming days, you're going to demand that others be sincere in their words and actions and stand behind them. Joint plans, related to finances and mutual relationships, are going to have success as long as all the cards are out on the table.

Capricorn - It's time for you to be a more loyal partner

The subject of partnerships is going to be one to preoccupy you most of all this week. You're going to be observing the actions of others with interest and attempting to adapt to the overall mood. No matter what new proposals appear this week, consult with those closest to you in order to make sure that you're not making the wrong choice. For singles, the days until June 25 are going to offer many opportunities for meeting a suitable person if they broaden their social circle.

Aquarius - Bring order to your daily routine

Throughout this period, you need to bring order to your daily routine by looking at your needs and trying to separate the beneficial from the useless one. The days until June 25 predispose you to taking a load off both physically and spiritually. Consider going on a new diet and setting aside more time for analysis of whatever's bothering you. Try to be more flexible in your daily routine this week but do not overindulge in temptations under any circumstances.

Pisces - Time for fun and creativity

Over the course of this week you're going to have many opportunities for being the center of attention and drawing people's gazes with your abilities. This is an opportune time to show your artistic side to the world and enjoy the positive reflections that your projects receive. The period is ideal for more fun and creativity, with which you'll easily gain popularity. Toward week's end, be more considerate when communicating with your partner because it's possible for disagreements to pop up.