Combing hair

If You Dream of Combing Your Hair - Expect Riches

If you dream that you are combing your hair, you will receive quite a solid financial gain, and it will come from somewhere completely unexpected. It is not related to your paycheck or money earned by hard work.

Clean, healthy hair in a dream portends great success in every endeavor, aspect of well-being and acquisition. However, if you are combing your hair in your dream but it's tangled and it's difficult for you to pass your comb through it, problems await you.

If you are combing someone else's hair - this means that you have been taking advantage of your closest friends' patience for quite some time.

It's past due for you to stop poking your head in the lives of others and annoying them with your advice.


If you dream of plaited hair, expect bitterness and disappointment in love. A dream where you cut your hair foreshadows unpleasant things. A dream where your hair falls off prophesies horrible problems.

The same applies if you sell your hair in your dream. The color of the hair you dream of is also of great significance. If it is black, this means happiness in love. Red-orange hair signifies lies and betrayal.

Light-colored hair assures peace and delightful moments, while white hair means poverty and bitterness. If your hair grays in your dream, a series of hardships will occur in your life. If you burn your hair in your dream, you will be able to avoid the misfortunes.

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