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If you Spill Coffee, Expect Happiness

Jana G.Jana G.

People all over the world believe in different portents and omens. According to Lebanese people for example, spilled coffee in the home is the harbinger of great happiness, success and luck.

Of course, this does not mean that we should drop our refreshing drink on purpose.

If we do, we will simply make a mess on our carpet and then have to clean, but luck will not fall upon us, claim the old Lebanese women, who have become convinced of the truth of their words by their own experiences.

Here are a few other things, which must be known and followed, according to the Lebanese:

Oil or other grease spilled in the home means that you should expect troubles. If you sneeze at a funeral, immediately rip off a piece of your shirt's sleeve, otherwise there is a danger of you soon following the deceased.

If you do not want uninvited guests to come to your home, simply place a broom with the handle facing down and a pin stuck to it behind the door.

To prevent being cursed, you need to become well engulfed in smoke before you leave your home. Then nothing bad can happen to you. Uttering a few spells is also used against curses.