The 3 Worst Afflictions of Mankind, According to Buddhism

The 3 Worst Afflictions of Mankind, According to Buddhism

According to Buddhists there are 3 negative feelings that manifest in people and act as a dangerous poison. If they are not eliminated they can not only bring ruin to one's body but to their soul as well.


Negative emotions

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Negative emotions - How to overcome stress

How to overcome stress


We all are faced with stressful situations every day. Even if you seek the help of a specialist who will apply anti-stress therapy, it will not achieve its effect immediately.

Negative emotions - Women dream more nightmares than men

Women dream more nightmares than men


Women dream more nightmares because they find it more difficult to exclude their emotions. Women have more negative emotions and less aggression than in the dreams of men.

Negative emotions - Good people live longer

Good people live longer


Good people live longer than cynical pessimists. Cynicism, malice and anger increases blood pressure. Optimists are at lower risk of developing diseases. Negative emotions and testosterone.

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