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Eudaimonia - the Key to our Awareness and Growth

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Eudaimonia is a term that's been around since Ancient Greece and was introduced to psychology by Carl Gustav Jung. This concept tells us that in order to be more aware we need to connect with our personal demon.

In this context the word "demon" refers to all those negative emotions that humans suppress because they make them miserable. These include anger, fear, worries and the feeling of guilt that make us feel horrible and wish we wouldn't feel them.

Eudaimonia tells us to connect with this inner demon and bring it out into the world because it represents our real values and when we suppress it we feel twice as gloomy.

Find out what your negative emotions are telling you and look beneath the surface of these impulses. Anger, for example, is letting you know that you need to protect yourself, fear - that you need to try something new, while guilt indicates that it's nigh time you accepted yourself, instead of trying to be the perfect robot.

In Spiritual Code, Jung reminds us how important it is for a person to defend their personal beliefs and use their emotions as a gauge to determine to what extent they adhere to them.


If you believe you deserve something better than the job you currently have or the relationship you're currently in, the negative events and emotions will continue, in order to show you that it's time to try something other than the path you're currently following.

Our demons are a potential way to reveal our creative abilities, to build vivid individuality and a healthy confidence, knowing that we're not perfect but also knowing what to be proud of.

In Aristotle's works, this integration of our dark side is described as highest level of wisdom. These emotions can motivate us, give us ideas and sharpen our intuition.

But if we strive to live an orderly life, where everything is predictable, calm, certain and without extreme emotions, we'd stop our development and fail to recognize even a small part of the abilities and skills available to us.