Aura Cleansing

Jana G.Jana G.

The aura is the energy field, which glows around the human body. It is created by generating energy in the chakras and each chakra has its role in creating and maintaining the aura.

When the chakras are open or damaged, the aura flickers and becomes very weak. When your aura is contracted, it glows about 12 inches away from your body.

If your aura is too large, it can extend more than 2 meters from your body. But both types of aura are not perfect. Contracted aura makes a person feel anxious and stiff.

An excessively voluminous aura causes distraction and a desire to move away from reality and also absorbs the emotions of all who fall into it.

The aura should be egg-shaped and evenly distributed around the body – above it, below it, behind it, in front of it and to the sides. An aura that is about 70 centimeters to 1 meter away from the body is considered perfect.

The aura needs cleansing to feel more calm and confident in yourself. To cleanse your aura, you need to be in a room, which has a calming effect on you. There should be no other people and it should be quiet.

Close your eyes and feel your aura around your body. Breathe slowly and deeply and try to imagine the energy field around your body.

Visualize your aura taking on an egg shape and extending no more than 2 feet to a meter away around you. Trace the shape and distance with your hands.

With your eyes closed, visualize your aura surrounding and protecting you like an egg. Visualize a shower of golden liquid light pouring down upon you and passing through the auric field. This golden rain should rain down on you for about five minutes. Indulge in the pleasant feeling that this rain creates in you.

Then imagine giant dark purple flames engulfing your aura. These flames will not harm you, they will convert low frequency energy into high frequency energy.

You should stay in the purple flames for no more than two minutes. You will likely feel warm and energized. Remove the purple flames and open your eyes.

External factors to cleanse the aura

External Techniques for Cleansing the Aura

1. Taking a bath and shower - cleansing the body with warm water or soaking in a bath with aromatic oils immediately has a positive influence on the aura. While bathing, imagine the water as golden rays that wash over the body. Visualize the rays of energy passing through each chakra and the aura being cleansed.

2. Exercises - both physical and breathing exercises are extremely important for maintaining the body and spirit, as well as cleansing the aura. They should be done regularly, preferably every day, for maximum effect.

3. Healthy eating - very often we neglect the quality of the food we consume, but it is of particular importance for the health of the soul and body. Unhealthy foods affect not only our physical body, but also the purity of the aura.

4. Avoiding stress - it is stress that is among the main causes of straining the body and contaminating the aura. Look into yourself more and listen to your inner voice. Sometimes the outside world is unwelcoming and harsh, but don't let it affect your attitude and behavior.

5. Choose the places and people around you - they have a huge impact on our aura. Communicating with negative personalities burdens the psyche and blocks the inner body, reflects negatively on overall behavior. The most effective thing that can be done in this case is simply to limit communication with such people and not to visit places that negatively affect energy.

Cleansing the Aura

Internal Techniques for Cleansing the Aura

1. Controlling emotions - it is perfectly normal to sometimes feel negative emotions such as anger, fear, rage, panic. However, it is good to quickly get rid of such emotions, because if we remain longer under their control, irreversible changes may occur in the physical and energy body.

2. Good mood - very often we do not realize it, but we ourselves can very successfully control our mood and be most of the time in a good and calm state of mind. Provide yourself with more positive and energizing experiences and you will see how you feel much better. Life is beautiful and the sooner we realize how lucky we are to be on this earth, the more we will enjoy each and every day. The aura will be pure and radiant.

3. Choose your spiritual guides and angels - if due to various internal or external influences the aura is blocked, we can always turn to the heavenly forces and guardian angels for help. They can help us achieve internal harmony and peace.

4. Meditation - meditating and following some mantras are among the main ways to cleanse the contaminated aura. They help you rediscover balance and peace. They can be a key factor in the rediscovery of the surrounding world and the deep purification of the energy body.