Psychological Techniques for Getting to Know Ourselves

Psychological Techniques for Getting to Know Ourselves

The techniques used in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are aimed at a person getting to know their own behavior and emotions by analyzing why they react one way or another in various situations.



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Character - Numerology: Personal Number 9

Numerology: Personal Number 9


People with a personal number of 9 have supreme intellectual abilities and a strong will. They are interested in art and are creative by nature. Many of them become inventors, musicians, artists, poets or writers.

Character - Numerology: Personal Number 8

Numerology: Personal Number 8


People with a personal number 8 are dominant and ambitious. They always strive to achieve more than the others and often stop at nothing to reach their goal. They are simply born for administrative work and marketing.

Character - The Fatal 13th Zodiac Sign

The Fatal 13th Zodiac Sign


There is one constellation that is missing from the list of zodiac constellations, despite the fact that the Sun passes through it. This is the Ophiuchus.

Character - The Zodiac Signs That Lie the Most

The Zodiac Signs That Lie the Most


The different zodiac signs lie in different ways and to different degrees. Geminis lie a lot but if you ask them, this is simply their favorite game. Geminis lie expertly from an early age.

Character - Numerology: Personal Number 7

Numerology: Personal Number 7


People with a personal number 7 have a rich fantasy and well-developed intuition that helps them deal with the difficult situations. These are born philosophers, who are interested in contemplation of the spiritual.

Character - Numerology: Personal Number 6

Numerology: Personal Number 6


Persons with a personal number 6 are honest, good, cheerful and find the positive even on the darkest of days. Their main goal is the happiness and welfare of their family and friends.

Character - Divination by the Pythagorean System

Divination by the Pythagorean System


Numerology is among one of the most widespread mystical beliefs and traditions of the esoteric link between man and numbers. The digit values, besides being a part of mathematics, become a part of astrology and enter into the field of the paranormal.

Character - Numerology: Personal Number 5

Numerology: Personal Number 5


5 provides people with a constant desire for freedom, the need for adrenaline, love of adventures and everything unusual. The actions of people with a personal number of 5 are unpredictable.

Character - Numerology: Personal Number 4

Numerology: Personal Number 4


People with an even personal number, such as 4, are loving and artistic. They find ways to express their creative nature in any given situation.

Character - Numerology: Personal Number 3

Numerology: Personal Number 3


People with a personal number of 3 are talented, with a sharp mind and a highly-developed intuition. 3 bestows people with ingenuity and an extraordinary flexibility - both in a physical and intellectual sense.

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