Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Pisces

Love in the Year of the Wood Goat for Pisces

The love horoscope for 2015 knows that Pisces have suffered severely due to their own credulity and susceptibility. The year of the wood goat will change this position in favor of Pisces to a certain extent.



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Fate - Year of the Wood Goat for Aquarius

Year of the Wood Goat for Aquarius


Fate is offering Aquarians the rare opportunity to change their life as they see fit. One way or the other, they will be faced with different kinds of changes, which initially won't look to be particularly easy.

Fate - Numerology Prognosis Until January 25th

Numerology Prognosis Until January 25th


5 - You will feel very distressed this week. The loss of harmony will be the reason for this uneasiness. Inwardly, you want to move or begin anew but you lack the bravery to do so.

Fate - Numerology Horoscope Until January 18th

Numerology Horoscope Until January 18th


7 - This week you will be extremely dissatisfied with everything that's happening. If possible, try to stick to your positions and do not make drastic changes.

Fate - Numerology Prognosis for This Week

Numerology Prognosis for This Week


22 - You need to get rid of everything old and obsolete this week, in order to make room for the new things in your life. Now is the ideal time to say farewell to your old disappointments and move forward. Forgive and forget past insults.

Fate - The Fate of Sagittarius

The Fate of Sagittarius


If they don't feel pressured, Sagittarians can show the good side of their character. They have a tendency to fall into philosophical contemplations but not all representatives of this sign are philosophers.

Fate - The Fate of Cancer

The Fate of Cancer


A Cancer's fate is to be subject to their own feelings. The life of a Cancer is focused mainly on their inner world and is rich in experiences.

Fate - The Fate of Capricorn

The Fate of Capricorn


Capricorns need to remember that they must never allow events to take them by surprise. Their life's lesson is to learn to rely more on themselves instead of others.

Fate - The Fate of Scorpio

The Fate of Scorpio


Many representatives of Scorpio realize themselves in the arts. Because of their calm countenance and strictness of character, they often appear cold and heartless in the eyes of others. But the truth is that they are among the most heartfelt.

Fate - The Fate of Virgo

The Fate of Virgo


The Virgo possesses an exceptionally developed sense of order. They are frugal, patient, stay-at-home types. They show interest toward the smallest details in life and in the family.

Fate - The Fate of Gemini

The Fate of Gemini


Geminis are highly observant. They generally say one thing and do another. They are easily influenced. They are thinkers, theorists, who love thoughts for what they are and not because they lead to anything concrete.

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