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The Inventions that Killed Their InventorsThe Inventions that Killed Their Inventors
10 Mar.
The skilled man finished his invention, after which he decided to test it by jumping off the top of the Eiffel Tower. The parachute did not open and he smashed into the ground in front of hundreds of spectators....
Ancient Egyptian InventionsAncient Egyptian Inventions
16 Sept.
Egyptians were intelligent people who made inventions in almost every corner of life, which made them the longest lived civilization....
Sensational Inventions of the RenaissanceSensational Inventions of the Renaissance
10 Dec.
Of course these are just some of the great inventions of the Renaissance but the genius painter and inventor Leonardo da Vinci deserves his fair share of credit....
The Crazy Inventions our Grandparents Thought were SpectacularThe Crazy Inventions our Grandparents Thought were Spectacular
22 Nov.
The problem was that before they realized said inventions were no good, their inventors thought they had made a great discovery....
Ecological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilizationEcological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilization
27 Feb.
At the time of the appearance of the Europeans all this was an empire of small villages, which were constantly at war with each other. There are two new hypotheses for the destruction of the Mayan civilization....
Which are the Cardinal Signs and What is their Fate?Which are the Cardinal Signs and What is their Fate?
15 Feb.
In their life they often need some time alone before deciding which way to go....
Which are the Fixed Signs and What is Their Fate?Which are the Fixed Signs and What is Their Fate?
26 Nov.
They have high self-esteem which guarantees huge success. They feel an irrevocable need for freedom, in order to show others how wise they are and what they're capable of....
The Haka Dance Which the Ancient Maori Used to Frighten Their EnemiesThe Haka Dance Which the Ancient Maori Used to Frighten Their Enemies
04 Sept.
The dance was always performed before battle, which the Maori used to summon their strength and manliness, while at the same time attempting to frighten their enemies via the sinister facial expressions used while dancing...
The Death Ray - Tesla`s Last InventionThe Death Ray - Tesla`s Last Invention
09 Feb.
Declassified FBI files reveal what the great inventor Nikola Tesla had been working on in the final days before his death, while the new Discovery Channel show tries to answer all of the questions surrounding Tesla's death...
Which Music Heals?Which Music Heals?
29 June
The experts have found that sound waves trigger reactions in the central nervous system, which have a beneficial effect on the human body....
US Scientists Have Destroyed Thousands of Giants' SkeletonsUS Scientists Have Destroyed Thousands of Giants' Skeletons
28 May
Days ago, it officially became clear that the Smithsonian Institute had destroyed thousands of giant human skeletons in the early 1900s....
Hawking: If Extraterrestrials Exist, They Will Destroy UsHawking: If Extraterrestrials Exist, They Will Destroy Us
15 Oct.
Modern-day genius Stephen Hawking theorizes that if extraterrestrial intelligence exists on other planets, it is highly likely for these aliens to destroy the human race in their efforts to colonize Earth....
The Lake Which Turns Animals to StoneThe Lake Which Turns Animals to Stone
08 Aug.
This way, they dry and end up with the perfect appearance of a stone sculpture, which makes them exceptionally interesting for the photographer....
Thomas Edison Wanted to Contact GhostsThomas Edison Wanted to Contact Ghosts
09 Apr.
He invented a series of devices and was one of the first to apply the principles of mass production to inventions....
Which Zodiac Signs are Incompatible?Which Zodiac Signs are Incompatible?
14 Oct.
From an astrological standpoint, there are love affairs which are impossible due to the zodiacal differences between the partners....