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Which Music Heals?

Antonia R.Antonia R.

There is no question that music has an effect on human emotions. Some songs make us angry, others sad, yet still others put is in a romantic mood. But is it possible for music to have an influence on health?

Research by psychologists from Duke University has determined that music therapy can improve human health. The experts have found that sound waves trigger reactions in the central nervous system, which have a beneficial effect on the human body.

A similar conclusion was also reached by scientists from the state of Maryland. They carried out an experiment which proved that listening to one's favorite music leads to the dilation of the blood vessels by 26%.

Musical therapy

According to the scientists, music can treat psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and health problems such as high blood pressure, abdominal pains and alcohol problems.

The experts have chosen melodies which turned out to be rehabilitating for the respective ailments.

Beethoven's "6th Symphony" is recommended for anxiety.

For insomnia - Mendelssohn's "Spring Song".

For nervous system disorders - waltzes by Strauss.

For melancholy - "Spring" by Vivaldi.


For high blood pressure - Mendelssohn's "Wedding March".

For migraine - "An American in Paris" by Gershwin.

For abdominal pains - waltzes by Tchaikovsky.

For problems with alcohol and nicotine - "Ave Maria" by Schubert.

For hormonal gland problems - rock music.

For vision problems - symphonies by Mozart.

Music has been used for therapy for thousands of years. Even back in ancient Egypt and Greece, healers used vocal therapy and prescribed "musical prescriptions" which were to affect the problem area.

The reason why certain melodies have such a great influence on physical and psychological health is that the nerve impulses, which emanate during certain sounds, have the same frequency as the sounds themselves.

According to the law of resonance - every object vibrates with its own vibration. The vibrations in people equalize with the vibrations in the environment. In this way, we can influence ourselves positively, as well as negatively.