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Types of Crystals and Their Meaning

Jana G.Jana G.

There are many crystals that are used to make jewelry. Each color of crystals has its own meaning and is useful for certain situations and people.

White crystals - help to strengthen connections with our spiritual guides, as well as for peace and clarity of the mind. A representative of white crystals is quartz.

Blue crystals - provide calmness, harmony, mutual understanding and also open a path to Higher Knowledge. These crystals have great healing power – it's the blue quartz and the blue mountain crystal.


Pink crystals – these are the stones of love, romance and friendship. They are particularly suitable for arranging connections of any type. A representative of this type of crystal is pink tourmaline.

Yellow crystals – they have very strong energy. They help you have an optimistic mood and inspire new projects and actions. They have the power to attract wealth and success. They incite their owner to active actions. It is most successful to use them in difficult moments of life to restore strength.

Yellow crystals can protect the physical and mental state of their owner. Such crystals are citrine, yellow topaz, golden beryl.

Green crystals – they have the power to establish strong and stable bonds within the family and between relatives and friends. They increase fertility, have a beneficial effect on the development of the fetus. They stimulate creativity. Representatives of green crystals are beryl and emerald.

Purple crystals – they help with spiritual growth. They are used to strengthen energy, help to avoid troubles. Amethyst is a purple crystal.

Healing crystals

Black crystals – have the power to banish and transform negative influences and thoughts into positive energy. They neutralize the power of black magic. Such crystals are obsidian and black tourmaline.

Brown crystals – These are topaz and smoky quartz. These crystals strengthen one's connection with the earth. They help with communication and increase psychic abilities.

Clear crystals – These are quartz, mountain crystal and diamond. They have great energy power, enhance psychic qualities and enhance the action of other crystals.

Ruby is a representative of red crystals. It has tremendous energy and vitality. Gives a person strength and courage in times of danger.