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Cicada 3301 - The Internet`s Biggest PuzzleCicada 3301 - The Internet`s Biggest Puzzle
19 June
manage to solve this puzzle. The hidden message has not yet been found. The person thought to have come closest to solving it was 34-year-old programmer Joel Ericson. He used digital stenography - a method for hiding...
Ancient Circles Puzzle ScientistsAncient Circles Puzzle Scientists
05 Nov.
In the lands of Jordan, there are enormous circles which have puzzled scientists for years on end. But now, Australian and Jordanian archaeologists have photographed 12 new, large circles located in Jordan from the...
One of Greenland's Biggest Secrets RevealedOne of Greenland's Biggest Secrets Revealed
15 Dec.
For decades, scientists have been wondering how the world's largest island had formed and whether Greenland, as its name suggests, was not the snowy wasteland in the past as it is today. Two separate analyses by...
Please interpret Please interpret
22 Jan.
My dream began in a place that I was not familiar with. I did not recognize my surroundings at all, and this was apparent in the dream. I was outside and it was daytime. The main building I saw in the dream resembled...
Ancient Mysteries That Continue to Puzzle the WorldAncient Mysteries That Continue to Puzzle the World
24 Nov.
In recent years, it's as if the world has become smaller. There's no room for mysticism in the global village. We now know why the grass is green and the sky blue. We've figured out how to swim like fish and fly like...
Mysterious Mars Rock Puzzles ScientistsMysterious Mars Rock Puzzles Scientists
22 Jan.
The cameras of the Opportunity Mars rover, that has been operational on Mars for 10 years now, photographed an unusual rock, which set the scientific community ablaze. The discovered rock completely shocked NASA...
The Names of the Biggest Betrayers in HistoryThe Names of the Biggest Betrayers in History
02 Feb.
them secret information about West Point. Wang Jingwei Wang Jingwei was president of China and considered the biggest betrayer of his people, for years on end he had allowed Japanese authorities to run Chinese politics from behind the scenes....
Please help interpretPlease help interpret
10 Feb.
I can't understand this dream at all. I feel it has a whole lot of symbolism in it. In my dream at first I was in a church, i think, and i remember watching a priest or father handing out pills to a bunch of people. I...
How to Interpret your Worst NightmaresHow to Interpret your Worst Nightmares
25 May
humans, they would have been eliminated during the process of evolution. And since that is not the case, we have to interpret these dreams. Every dream is a door into our inner world and it would be wise of us to...
Can we interpret our own dreams?Can we interpret our own dreams?
17 Feb.
Interpretation of dreams is strictly individual to everyone therefore, a ready dream book could not help one to interpretate as the dream, is a dialogue between our internal aspects, conscious and our subconsciousness...
The Biggest Cities in the World from the Beginning Until TodayThe Biggest Cities in the World from the Beginning Until Today
03 June
on. Here are the biggest cities in the world in the different historical periods. Beijing Beijing has always been a vast city. With its population of 22 million, it is still among the top cities even today. But...
Unbelievably Accurate Prediction about the Future Takes the Internet by StormUnbelievably Accurate Prediction about the Future Takes the Internet by Storm
02 Feb.
representative of the public interest will be able to even touch upon the problems; when people will have lost the ability to control their fate and pose informed questions to those governing them; when everyone will...
How to Interpret Flying, Falling and Swimming in a DreamHow to Interpret Flying, Falling and Swimming in a Dream
20 June
"Dreams of flying are among the most common ones that people have, " says American psychologist Ian Wallace. By studying them he's come to a specific conclusion about their interpretation. Flying is linked to the...
Interpret your Dreams to Find out What Ails youInterpret your Dreams to Find out What Ails you
26 Jan.
Analyzing our dreams is worthwhile because through them we can experience direct contact with our subconscious. Our subconscious has a better memory and stronger reactions than our conscious and can warn us about...
How to Interpret the Most Common Leg GesturesHow to Interpret the Most Common Leg Gestures
28 Jan.
who are forced to sit in a chair for an extended period and they get uncomfortable. In that case, we must not interpret the gesture according to the theory of Body Language because the persons were forced to cross their...

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