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Meet the Girl That`s Being Called the World`s Next Einstein

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Image: Curiosity

24-year-old Sabrina Pasterski may just very well be the next scientist to turn the world on its head. The young woman has been offered a job at NASA and her work has attracted the attention of Stephen Hawking.

Sabrina is working on her Ph.D. at Harvard and while her peers had been out partying, she has been dedicating all of her time to science. She has never tried alcohol or smoked cigarettes, working on scientific experiments instead.

The young woman doesn't have a profile in any social networking site and doesn't know how to play any computer game, saying that she wants to devote all of her time to something truly important.

"I prefer to stay concentrated on what I'm really interested in, " says Sabrina.

She studies black holes, spacetime and gravity, and her observations have even been quoted by Stephen Hawking, who has said that she's been able to find order in the chaos.

From a very early age, Pasterski showed strong interest in science, building her first airplane when she was just 14. After graduating from high school, Jeff Bezos - the founder of Amazon - offered her a job on his new project Blue Origin.

Image: Curiosity

When she applied to Harvard for the first time, she was not accepted, but in 2010 she became a student at the world's most prestigious university.

She has graduated with honors and after defending her doctoral thesis, has earned a $250 000 scholarship to continue her studies.

Space Ex has also shown interest toward the young woman's work, believing that with her help they'll be able to establish the first intergalactic flights in the near future.

Sabrina herself is quite humble when it comes to her own successes, explaining simply that she's happy when she's doing science and that she does not deserve all of the attention she receives.