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The Names of the Biggest Betrayers in History

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Besides Judas Iscariot, who is the very symbol of betrayal, history remembers many other individuals that have betrayed their country and even their own compatriots.


After Judas, Brutus is the other historical figure that is associated with treachery. According to legend, he was among the conspirators who led the assassination of Julius Caesar. However, recent historical analyses say that Brutus does not deserve such a negative description, asserting that he was a patriot who tried to save Rome from Caesar's destructive reign.


Mir Jafar

Mir Jafar became the 1st nawab (provincial ruler) in India. But to attain the post of Nawab of Bengal, he betrayed his people and allied himself with the British colonists. They promised him that upon taking the Indian territory without facing any resistance, they would make him monarch of the province.

Guy Fawkes

The historical figure Guy Fawkes, who was the inspiration behind the main character in the book V for Vendetta, left his mark with the Gunpowder Plot, in which he participated against the king. He was arrested while placing 36 gunpowder barrels beneath the House of Lords in an attempt to assassinate King James I.


Ephialtes was the one who betrayed the Spartans to the Persians. He revealed the secret passage going through Kallidromo to the enemy. Taking advantage, the Persians attacked the Spartans from behind and managed to defeat them at the Battle of Thermopylae.


Benedict Arnold

Benedict Arnold was one of the most successful American generals but was not properly recognized in his homeland. After his decisive victories at the Battles of Saratoga, when his merits were ignored once again, he decided to contact the British and give them secret information about West Point.

Wang Jingwei

Wang Jingwei was president of China and considered the biggest betrayer of his people, for years on end he had allowed Japanese authorities to run Chinese politics from behind the scenes.