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A Man`s Sign Reveals his Worst Fear


Every one of us lives with their own fears. Some fear losing a loved one, others fear the unknown or the dark or heights.

Among the most widespread fears are those that have something to do with water, fire, insects, reptiles, mice. The subjects of the future and death are also among the ones that inspire insecurity, confusion and turmoil within us.

And while it's much easier for women to confess their worst fears, that is not the case for men. According to the norms that have embedded themselves in our society, members of the stronger sex need to be brave, bold and never show their weaknesses. But this does not at all mean that men don't have their own fears.

Rest assured, even the most muscular macho conceals trepidations which are oftentimes determined by his zodiac sign. To learn about the hidden distresses of the male half of each sign, read on below, where all masks are off.


The #1 fear of the men born under this zodiac sign is that with age they'll have to quit most of the activities that currently make them feel alive. Additionally, they're worried about not being attractive to the ladies when they get old.



Taureans seem brave, confident and sometimes even uninterested in others' opinions of them. This is in fact simply an illusion because deep inside they are vulnerable and timid. But they prefer to keep this side of theirs out of sight because they're afraid of being hurt.


Male Gemini fear nothing more than changes. They like to live by rules that they've established, while routine is not unpleasant for them. In fact, they feel a quiet calm when they know exactly how their day is going to be like. But when they're forced to get out of their comfort zone the situation changes and they turn into a bundle of nerves.


Cancer men's deepest fear has to do with money. Every financial instability they experience makes them worried sick. And even if everything looks all right, they're afraid that their peace of mind won't last long and that something could happen at any moment that would bankrupt them.



The male Leo lives for the compliments and praise of representatives of the fairer sex. He's used to always having many admirers around him, ready to drop to their knees at the snap of his fingers. But Leo's greatest fear also has to do with the ladies - that a woman could reject him or doubt his manliness.


True to their zodiac sign, male Virgos love to analyze every situation, to plan and keep things under control. What they fear most is the unknown and the inability to take the necessary actions in order to prepare for a given task. Which is why they're on edge every time that they need to experiment.


Libra men astound others with their fears. In fateful situations where everyone else reacts emotionally, they manage to maintain a heroic self-control. At the same time, they'll often get frightened of something insignificantly small that gets in their way.



It may sound strange but Scorpio men fear, above all, their own uncontrollable behavior. When under the influence of powerful emotions, it's difficult for them to rein them in. That is why they may do or say something which could hurt someone dear to them and forever lose their trust.


The male representatives of the sign of Sagittarius are uneasy about relaxing and fully trusting someone. Even when they forge friendships, they rarely reveal absolutely everything about themselves. There are usually certain facts about their lives that they prefer keeping to themselves, fearing that others could use them against them.


Capricorn men have a number of fears, the majority of these being completely unsubstantiated and the product of nothing but their rich imagination. It is indeed their oddball fantasies that lead them to often see competition at work and in the love aspect, afraid that someone wants to take away what they see as theirs.


One of the greatest apprehensions for men of the sign of Aquarius is the thought that one day they're going to have to become parents. Fatherhood is a subject that always instills a quiet sense of terror in them. Even when they finally have children they continue to fear that they're not doing a good enough job parenting.


Men born under the sign of Pisces have many fears. They fear loneliness, the boredom of certain everyday chores and new obligations that their boss gives them. The events in their personal lives are also cause for worry. One of the most horrific things in their mind is the thought of their partner possibly leaving them some day.