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Vampires - dead sinnersVampires - dead sinners
01 Dec.
It is believed that vampires are dead sinners whose souls do not go to our world, but remain confined in the body it inhabits. It is believed that the vampire is a dead man, whom was adopted in the sky. At the time of...
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
The find of a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts caused sensation throughout the world. It was spring 1947 when a group of Bedouin goat herders were searching the coast of the Dead Sea searching for a goat. Even...
Photo Albums of the DeadPhoto Albums of the Dead
31 Mar.
The invention of photography during the Victorian age gave rise to an unusual and quite ominous practice - the photographing of dead people. Post-mortem photography was especially common and popular for people from all...
The secret of the living deadThe secret of the living dead
12 Feb.
\"The man was lying, without evident signs of life. Around him were naked black people. An old black man with a bracelet of ivory shouted something. On checking whether this man was truly dead, no heartbeat or reaction of...
6-year American contacts with the dead6-year American contacts with the dead
24 Nov.
Ellison is a famous american Medium. She has a phenomenal ability to interact with the souls of dead. She gained this ability as a child at only six years old. Ellison was born in Phoenix in 1972. The first experience...
Woman Makes Doll Copies of Dead BabiesWoman Makes Doll Copies of Dead Babies
16 Sept.
To lose a loved one is a trauma that sometimes cannot be coped with for years. People who live through such a shock often fall into a severe depression, never leave their home, stop eating and stop communicating with...
Reviving the Dead with the Lazarus EffectReviving the Dead with the Lazarus Effect
12 May
In most parts of the world, a person is pronounced dead after they experience a complete and irreversible loss of brain function. This condition is known as brain death. But no matter how final this may sound, an American...
Climatic Catastrophe: the Dead Sea is Drying UpClimatic Catastrophe: the Dead Sea is Drying Up
21 June
The Dead Sea is evaporating. The progressively rising temperatures in the Middle East are leading to a drop in water level by up to 3.3 ft (1 m) every year. The Dead Sea is one of the most popular lakes for beach-goers...
The Merina People's Little-Known Festival of the DeadThe Merina People's Little-Known Festival of the Dead
27 Oct.
In central Madagascar live the Merina people, who worship the dead in an unusual, and for most people - a barbaric and horrific, way. The ceremony is called Famadihana - the bones of the deceased are dug up and venerated...
The dead come to us with a prophetic dream missionsThe dead come to us with a prophetic dream missions
01 Jan.
In the course of U.S. research it shows that during sleep 60% of women and 40% of men visit the deceased relatives. In the dream they are alive and meet with the dead, talk to each other, and often reveal secrets. Some...
Phenomenal! Researchers Have Deciphered One of the Final Dead Sea ScrollsPhenomenal! Researchers Have Deciphered One of the Final Dead Sea Scrolls
26 Jan.
One of the remaining encrypted Dead Sea Scrolls has been deciphered. Its information is staggering. Over the course of an entire year, scientist Eshbal Ratson and prof. Jonathan Ben-Dov from the University of Haifa analyzed...
Parts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagiParts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagi
10 Oct.
During excavations in El-Fayum oasis located 100 kilometers from Cairo 57 tombs have been discovered. Many of them have remained in very good condition and include a painted wooden sarcophagi. They are of the eighteenth...
The Mysterious Missionary Known as the Lady in BlueThe Mysterious Missionary Known as the Lady in Blue
10 Dec.
A 17th-century Spanish missionary that preached Christianity to the Jumano Indians still remains to this day one of the most mysterious figures in the history of the New world. Her monastic name was Mary of Jesus of Ágreda...
The Wicked Rituals Once Practiced on All Hallows' EveThe Wicked Rituals Once Practiced on All Hallows' Eve
31 Oct.
Halloween, generally though to be a Catholic holiday, is actually much older than Christianity. Its origins stem from the pagan ritual of Samhain (Samhuinn, Sauin, Samaín) which the Celts performed when the barriers between...
The Death Houses in IndonesiaThe Death Houses in Indonesia
11 Jan.
Houses similar in appearance to boats, with bison horns lining the exterior walls (a symbol of wealth), are a common sight in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. These types of houses are called tongkonan and are designed for the...
What is the Significance of a Handshake?What is the Significance of a Handshake?
26 Oct.
A handshake between 2 persons is a remnant of ages long past - from the very caveman days. When 2 prehistoric people met, they put their hands in the air, revealing their open palms, so that the other person could see that...
Little Girl Comes Back to Life at her Own FuneralLittle Girl Comes Back to Life at her Own Funeral
23 July
A 3-year-old girl awoke at her own funeral, after being labeled as clinically dead 3 days before. The occurrence took place in the Philippines and the incident was recorded using a phone camera. In the video, the little...
Woman Awakens 11 Hours After She DiesWoman Awakens 11 Hours After She Dies
20 Nov.
91-year-old Janina Kolkiewicz will forever be remembered in medical history with her resurrection, 11 hours after she was pronounced dead by medical staff. The elderly woman collapsed in her home in Ostrow Lubelski in...
The Strangest Ancient Burial CeremoniesThe Strangest Ancient Burial Ceremonies
07 Dec.
There are all sorts of burial rituals around the world. In some areas the dead are sent off with song, dance and celebrations, just as there are areas where the the once buried dead are taken out of their graves so that they...
Stories of people that experienced clinical deathStories of people that experienced clinical death
22 Sept.
Nobody knows what happens after death. But the veil of wonder slips open through the stories of people who have experienced clinical death. The phenomenon of clinical death takes about five to six minutes, because then...
Ancient Egyptian PyramidsAncient Egyptian Pyramids
25 Feb.
Going back right through history, Egypt holds amounts of legends and mysteries, which are known to anyone living in todays era. Historians are still effortlessy working hard to find more legends and mysteries, till this day...
Buried aliveBuried alive
14 Aug.
Many people suffer from the intrusive thought that they may be buried alive - to fall into a coma or similar condition, and their relatives to bury them while they watch helplessly, unable to move. A similar situation...
Astronomy Reaches Turning Point with Latest NASA ImagesAstronomy Reaches Turning Point with Latest NASA Images
17 Oct.
NASA has published phenomenal images from the collision of 2 neutron stars. After their merging, astronomers were able to detect the bending of spacetime for the first time, reports the BBC. The collision of the 2 stars...
Nigerian Pastor comes back from HellNigerian Pastor comes back from Hell
12 Sept.
This story begins on November 29th, 2001 when Daniel, a Nigerian Pastor became ruthless with his wife. Emotions kept him from strife and he left the house that evening. On returning home the next evening he crashed his...
Why green glow in the cemetery? Total mystery!Why green glow in the cemetery? Total mystery!
10 Oct.
American Association for the Study of anomalous phenomena will try to answer the mystery of why the cemetery at night broadcasts a green light. A team of scientists was formed to pinpoint the reasons for the sinister...