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Vampires - dead sinners

Vampires - dead sinners

It is believed that vampires are dead sinners whose souls do not go to our world, but remain confined in the body it inhabits. It is believed that the vampire is a dead man, whom was adopted in the sky.

At the time of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire in 1972, the Austrian authorities recorded under № 98 an incredible event that took place in Kiselevo (now Serbia). In the village of Selyaninan, Peter Blagoevich died and was buried in the Serbian customs, but after some time had been removed and burned.

After the death of Peter in the same village for eight days, nine people died of unknown illness for one day. In his last dying hour he said that he had been dead for ten weeks, and that he came in their sleep, bent over them, stifling them and now they had to die ...

The wife of a deceased claimed that these creatures allow the body preserve in the ground without being decomposed in the grave and they grow their hair, beard, nails and even a new skin.

This belief led the villagers to open the grave of Peter Blagoevich. They summoned a priest, took a sharp stick and broke the heart of the dead. In the stabbing quite fresh blood occurred. It flowed from the nose and ears of the corpse. Then, as it happens in such cases, they burnt the body and so peace resumed in the village.

Vampires - dead sinners

Vampires appear most in winter, and firmly believe in their existence. Usually they are dressed in funeral clothes, but over their shoulders is cape of which they are never separated.

Some claims state that vampires often come in the bed of their wives and sleep with them. If she becomes pregnant a baby vampire is conceived.

In Montenegro, they believe that vampires do not attend only women but also young foreign brides. Sometimes vampires kill certain people and they are called the spirits.

Vampires are most often killed with shotguns. One reported that when killing a vampire, its remains are only of a kind of jelly.