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Woman Makes Doll Copies of Dead Babies

Baby Dolls
Image: Teresa Russon

To lose a loved one is a trauma that sometimes cannot be coped with for years. People who live through such a shock often fall into a severe depression, never leave their home, stop eating and stop communicating with their friends. A similar fate befell 51-year-old Teresa Russon from Worksop, England.

Teresa suffered tremendous spiritual anguish after her mother passed away. But her horror wouldn't end there because just several months later one of her sons committed suicide at just 21 years of age. These 2 tragedies literally ruined Teresa but despite it all she managed to find something to shake off the pain and bitterness that had consumed her.

The 51-year-old Englishwoman discovered a hobby which may seem horrifying to some but acts as a coping mechanism for her. What's more - the activity that took her mind off her grief soon turned into a profitable business. Teresa Russon creates exceptionally realistic dolls, which are sort of like living babies for the families who have lost their child, report British media.

When the 51-year-old Englishwoman 1st began her unusual hobby everything was extremely improvised but it wouldn't be long before couples who had also lost their children flocked to her. They begged her to create dolls which would essentially be a copy of their deceased progeny.

Slowly and surely, Teresa transformed her hobby into a profitable business. She shares that she's already received more than 250 orders from lamenting parents who still cannot get over the absence of their child.

To create her super realistic dolls, the woman uses silicone, making the dolls extremely gentle to the touch. The prices of the dolls vary and depend on the material they've been fashioned from, as well as the time Teresa spends to finish them.

Image: Teresa Russon

Usually, creating one doll takes 100 hours but so far the 51-year-old woman has also had instances where she's worked for months on some of her more specialized dolls.

Still, Teresa is happy that she has something to occupy her time with and not constantly think about her deceased loved ones. She is also satisfied that she's now begin receiving orders to make fairies, vampires and other bizarre creatures.