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Little Girl Comes Back to Life at her Own Funeral

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A 3-year-old girl awoke at her own funeral, after being labeled as clinically dead 3 days before. The occurrence took place in the Philippines and the incident was recorded using a phone camera.

In the video, the little girl can be seen being taken out of the coffin, in which she was meant to be buried. Eyewitnesses report that one of the relatives noticed the 3-year-old twitch and then he immediately called the parents.

The little girl from the Philippines awoke at her own funeral shortly before being buried because her relatives thought she was dead.

Doctors labeled the child as dead on Saturday, while a few days prior, it was suffering from fever.

"Hospital personnel confirmed that the little patient had no pulse and was proclaimed to be clinically dead at around 9 in the morning on Saturday, " announced the investigator in front of the media.

The next day, the parents prepared a burial service for her in the local church, when one of the relatives peered into the coffin and noticed that the little girl was twitching. The pulse of the child was immediately checked and it turned out that the Filipino girl was alive.


The video, now on the web, belongs to one of the mourners at the funeral, who immediately took out her phone to film the phenomenon.

In the viral video, the father can be seen grabbing the child and immediately taking it to the hospital once again.

The parents instantly gave water to the 3-year-old girl and first took her to a hospital before bringing her back home. Throughout the entire time, the child remained unmoving.

For days on end, the mother and father of the Filipino girl tried to find experienced medics, to determine the exact diagnosis for their daughter. After being removed from the coffin, the child had not moved at all.

After numerous expert inspections, the doctors announced categorically that the 3-year-old child is dead and the distraught parents had to organize a second funeral.

However, the case was not closed, since they have yet to determine whether the incident was a miracle or a doctor's mistake.