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Can Animals predict?Can Animals predict?
10 Oct.
If a butterfly comes into your home, it predicts that guests are coming soon, says an ancient Slavic tradition. If it is bright in color, you will soon receive good news concerning your privacy....
Birds can predict the weatherBirds can predict the weather
18 Dec.
Looking at nature to see what the weather will be. Winter, which is dry, means hot summer, with dry spells. Winter snow, rainy summer spells. A warm winter promises a cool summer. The pale moon is a harbinger of heavy...
Dreams can predict future diseasesDreams can predict future diseases
12 Mar.
The nature of dreams can be diagnosed and can even predict future diseases. Modern medicine has found no link between the diseases of man and the nature of his dreams and that there is no mysticism....
Want to Predict the Future? Your Brain Can!Want to Predict the Future? Your Brain Can!
07 July
Until recently, experiments aimed at studying the visual cortex were only done on animals....
Strange Crossbred AnimalsStrange Crossbred Animals
23 Oct.
The animal is called a pizzly....
Dreams That Predict MisfortuneDreams That Predict Misfortune
03 Aug.
It is believed that many of our dreams are prophetic and predict future events. Of some of these visions, it is said that they can accurately warn of misfortunes to come....
Paranormal abilities of animalsParanormal abilities of animals
03 Nov.
But the ability to navigate over long distances is not the only talent of the animal. One old saying is that rats leave a sinking ship and this is true....
The Moon Phases Predict Our FutureThe Moon Phases Predict Our Future
23 Apr.
Experts claim that the phase of the Moon on each birthday can be a clear indicator of the events that await us in our next year. The moon can be an adviser as to what to avoid throughout the year, in order to avoid serious...
Can Colors Heal?Can Colors Heal?
22 Jan.
Everyone has their own color preferences, whether we're talking about their clothing, the color of their car or house, etc. It's been proven that the colors surrounding us affect our health and mood. The earliest...
Unbelievable Technologies Inspired by AnimalsUnbelievable Technologies Inspired by Animals
25 Jan.
In the past, our prehistoric hunter ancestors mimicked the way animal predators strategized and stalked their prey. They looked at what herbivorous animals ate to see what was safe to eat and what wasn't....
The Function of Animals' TailsThe Function of Animals' Tails
08 June
In addition, when the animal chews on wood, it sits on its rear paws and uses its tail for support. It also serves as an alarm for other beavers....
What the Numbers in our Dreams PredictWhat the Numbers in our Dreams Predict
10 Sept.
In the ancient sciences of numbers it was believed that they reflected to a great extent the aspects of human life. The numbers we dream of also bear a specific and particular meaning. These numbers can reveal important...
The Animals That Possess Real SuperpowersThe Animals That Possess Real Superpowers
17 Apr.
These abilities do indeed exist in the animal kingdom and many of them we regard as completely natural....
Curious and Remarkable Facts about AnimalsCurious and Remarkable Facts about Animals
26 June
Little chicks and brotherhood It would be a mistake to think that the evolutionary process occurs only in egotistical animals that care only for their own survival....
The Most Curious Facts about AnimalsThe Most Curious Facts about Animals
20 June
Scorpions are the only animals who commit suicide purposefully....

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