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Paranormal abilities of animals

Paranormal abilities of animals

Science still can not explain how pet owners return to their crossing large distances. This phenomenon is most often seen when people move from place to place and are followed by their favorite creatures.

How do they orient themselves in a space completely unknown? Do animals have a sixth sense, or do you have paranormal abilities?

During the year of 1951 in California the Woods family left their cat to the neighbors, having had to move to Oklahoma, hundreds of miles away. After one year and two months the same cat appeared at the threshold of the new home of its owners.

Paranormal abilities of animals

During a camping trip to Arizona in 1979 Doug Simpson lost his faithful dog. Two weeks Doug searched his favorite German Shepherd, he finally gave up in despair and returned home to Pennsylvania. Four months later, the German Shepherd returned to his home.

This dog crossed the Arizona desert, the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains. The dog collapsed from exhaustion at the place where its master usually parked his car.

But the ability to navigate over long distances is not the only talent of the animal. One old saying is that rats leave a sinking ship and this is true. Some pets have a presentiment of an earthquake, long before its earliest manifestations.

Paranormal abilities of animals

Senior geologist in Santa Clara County in California, Jim Berkland thinks that if domestic animals suddenly start to disappear without trace, it is a sign to people that we should expect earthquakes. He made this conclusion after his own cat ran away from home several days before the earthquake.