Human sacrifices in PeruHuman sacrifices in Peru
14 May
The most controversial of modern rites of ancient South American societies, is human sacrifice. Information about the victims, however, is deficient....
Human sacrifice discovered in PeruHuman sacrifice discovered in Peru
20 May
A temple with a tomb has been discovered in which for thousands of years has remains of human sacrifices in it. It was uncovered by archaeologists in Peru....
Human Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human HistoryHuman Zoos - a Shameful Stain in Human History
07 Feb.
And even though we've made significant progress when it comes to equal human rights, blacks lacked even the most basic humane empathy just several decades ago....
Unexplainable Human ActionsUnexplainable Human Actions
19 July
Tears One of the most curious and at the same time most inexplicable human actions are the tears we cry every time we're sad....
The human brain shrinksThe human brain shrinks
23 Feb.
The human brain is going to extinction. The startling discovery was made after the scientists measured the size of the human skulls from different periods of human existence....
Aztecs - Civilization and CultureAztecs - Civilization and Culture
21 Jan.
Aztecs - culture and religion Religion of Aztec is characterized by human sacrifices that were rich in ceremonies to honor the gods. Clothing was of the utmost importance in all aspects of life for the Aztecs....
Mayans moved to another dimension with sacrificesMayans moved to another dimension with sacrifices
14 Sept.
Interestingly, many of the archaeologists discovered the underground premises with human bones, providing the thought that to go through the underground portal to another world, the Mayan Civilization had to engage sacrifices...
The Most Stunning Human PhenomenaThe Most Stunning Human Phenomena
20 June
The man with infallible memory Among the most impressive human phenomena is also Kim Peek, who according to doctors had the rare savant syndrome....
Mysteries of the human brainMysteries of the human brain
17 June
Even the most perfect car can not function without a motor, so obviously our notions of the human brain do not correspond to the truth....
Mirrors remember the human auraMirrors remember the human aura
01 Oct.
Everyone has an aura that is caused by our own biofield. \"The transmission of our eyes, reflected from the mirror surface, can create serious health problems\", explains a professor of biology at the University of Minnesota...
Cannibalistic Rituals of the AztecsCannibalistic Rituals of the Aztecs
25 Feb.
The gods of the Aztecs had a constant need of bloody human sacrifices....
The Deadliest Wars in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Wars in Human History
15 June
World War II (65 million - 80 million people killed) World War II is undoubtedly the bloodiest conflict in human history....
The Deadliest Diseases in Human HistoryThe Deadliest Diseases in Human History
06 June
No matter how bloodthirsty of a creature the human is and no matter what wars it may have waged on its fellow man, the biggest killer of the human race is deadly diseases....
Grandmas are Responsible for Human EvolutionGrandmas are Responsible for Human Evolution
15 Sept.
For their study the researchers conducted 60 computer simulations of human evolution - 30 simulations with humans developing with help from grandma and 30 without them....
The Phenomenal Truths about Human CharacterThe Phenomenal Truths about Human Character
12 June
Certain character features can make you sick Statistical meta-analyses prove that there exists a link between human temperament and certain diseases....