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Spaceships to Take Human DNA to Other Planets?

Plamena M.Plamena M.

As part of the European mission Texus, carried out in March 2011, a specialized experiment was begun. Today, its results are of supreme interest to the general public.

In the experiment, DNA molecules were placed on various points on the surface of the vehicle launched into space. When it returned back to Earth, scientists were amazed to find that the molecules had survived. And all despite the exceptionally high temperatures and radiation that they were exposed to.

Another shocking discovery was that the surviving DNA was still capable of transferring genetic information into bacterial cells and connective tissue. In other words - it did not suffer any types of malformations throughout the entire time.

The results of this experiment prove that genetic information in DNA molecules can survive in extreme conditions in space, as well as after returning to the dense layers of the atmosphere. There the friction present during the extremely high speeds of the capsule can cause temperatures of 1830°F (1000°C).

The initial goal of the experiment was to check the stability of biomarkers during space flights, as well as during atmosphere reentry. The results and discoveries, however, far exceeded the expectations of the teams involved.


Some scientists have even stated in the past that foreign DNA can reach Earth unharmed, as long as it is carried by a meteorite or space dust. The new data also shows that due to the exceptional stability of DNA, it is not impossible for spaceships to take human DNA to other planets, such as Mars for example.

At the same time, it becomes clear that every single object or even dust that comes to Earth from space can contain alien DNA, so long sought after by man.

According to scientists, this find provides even more reasons to be exceptionally careful when working with this type of material. On the other hand, this is a kind of proof that mankind, or at least his DNA, can survive on other planets.