Strange Facts about Machu Picchu you May Not KnowStrange Facts about Machu Picchu you May Not Know
04 Nov.
The stone quarry It's a little known fact that the eastern end of Machu Picchu contains a stone quarry. The material mined there was so high in quality and renowned that it was used to build temples and palaces...
Unbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not KnowUnbelievable Facts about Elephants you May Not Know
04 July
435 lb (7000 kg), their favorite foods being bananas and sugar cane. A little-known fact about these majestic animals is that they can communicate with each other even using their feet. Scientists have found...
Facts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not KnowFacts and Myths about the Full Moon you May Not Know
14 Oct.
this mysterious moon phase, read on to find out some facts and myths about it you may not know... The common belief is that a full moon lasts all night but this is incorrect. The waxing of the satellite happens slowly...
Facts about Space you May Not be Familiar WithFacts about Space you May Not be Familiar With
15 Feb.
science fiction, dramas and movies. No matter how much we think we know about the nature of the Universe, it remains a mysterious place, filled with things we don't understand, such as black holes, red dwarfs...
Lesser Known Facts about AlbinismLesser Known Facts about Albinism
24 June
with their eyes. These are all things that can be treated. Here are a few facts about albinism to break away the stereotypes. Albinism is a genetic disorder (it is present at or before birth), causing a decrease or...
Everything you Don't Know about Asian SuperstitionsEverything you Don't Know about Asian Superstitions
27 Mar.
we will familiarize you with the main superstitions that dominate the East. 1. Lucky numbers As strange as it may sound to a person from the West, in many Asian countries the calendar is divided into good and bad...
I know about things that I have not seenI know about things that I have not seenborn late 1987. Please give me an explanation, what this means and believe me I'm not joking. I told my relatives about it and they tell me it was so, but I had not been born. They are also wondering, but not more than me. Can you give some explanation for this? ps:...
A few things you don't know about dreamsA few things you don't know about dreams
10 Dec.
participate in certain parts. Did you know that your brain did not think these people up? They are real faces of real people you've seen in your life, but do not know and do not remember. A vicious killer in the latter may be a...
Myths we do not knowMyths we do not know
19 Sept.
, nitric and sulfuric acid can burn your skin. Myth is that brain cells do not regenerate. The reason that people have believed in this myth lies in the fact that for many years it was believed that the complexity of...
Facts about the Samurai you Won`t See in the MoviesFacts about the Samurai you Won`t See in the Movies
21 Nov.
elite warriors. The following facts may just turn your notion of the samurai on its head. 1. Inflatable helms Everyone recognizes the strange-looking headgear of the samurai. But truth be told, they were not what...
Unexpected Facts about RainUnexpected Facts about Rain
19 Jan.
reduced and cold weather sets in. But there are a number of phenomenal facts about rain that few people are aware of and we'd like to share. 1. The place where it rains most frequently is the mountain of Waialeale in...
Curious Facts about LightningCurious Facts about Lightning
24 Aug.
atmosphere, normally occurring during a storm. When the discharge looks linear, it's called lightning. Here are a few curious facts about lightning: More than 25 million streaks of lightning flash across Earth's...
Interesting Facts about SnakesInteresting Facts about Snakes
16 Oct.
lightning speed, then contracts its body like an accordion, to swallow the food. Next, it regurgitates part of the victim it does not eat. Snakes eat their offspring. They practice postpartum cannibalism. Mothers eat...
What we know about deathWhat we know about death
17 June
there is something else and believe in the immortality of the soul. Death is often a mysterious and forbidden topic. Most of the facts we know about death, are based on the experiences of strangers. But actually, we know...
31 facts that people don't know31 facts that people don't know
15 Dec.
redheads. 4. Human DNA contains about 80, 000 genes. 5. It is believed that the men are dwarfs in stature below 130 cm and for women less than 120 cm 6. During the life of a man his thumb narrows on average...

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