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31 facts that people don't know

31 facts that people don't know

1. During 1918-1919 the influenza epidemic killed more than 20 million people in the U.S. and Europe.

2. On average 725 Km of hair grow on people during their life.

3. In men a blond beard grows faster than a redheads.

4. Human DNA contains about 80, 000 genes.

5. It is believed that the men are dwarfs in stature below 130 cm and for women less than 120 cm

6. During the life of a man his thumb narrows on average about 25 million times.

7. The size of the human heart is approximately the size of a fist and the heart weight of an adult is 220-260 g

8. For one day the human brain generates more electrical impulses from all phones in the world put together.

9. The total weight of all the bacteria that live in the human body is 2 pounds.

10. In the human brain in one second 100, 000 chemical reactions will occur.

11. At the time of birth the brain of a man already consists of 14 billion cells, which increases over the years, and declines. After the 25th year the brain reduces brain cells with 100 thousand per day. To read one page of the book go irretrievably 70 cells.

12. In the human the intestine has a length of about 2.5 meters. After his death, when the muscle wall of the intestine is dissolved, they reach up to 6 meters.

13. Everyone has about 2 million sweat glands. Middle-aged men loose 540 calories for each one liters of sweat. In men, sweat is 40% more than women.

14. An adult breathes in about 23 000 times a day.

15. The human eye can distinguish 10 000 000 colors.

16. The mouth contains approximately 40 000 bacteria.

17. Sneezing with eyes open is impossible.

18. Women blink approximately 2 times more often than men.

19. The smallest cell in the human organism is sperm.

20. The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.

21. A Person has about 2, 000 taste buds.

22. At birth a baby has about 300 bones. In adulthood, they remain at 206.

23. Nerve impulses in the human body are moving at a speed of about 90 meters per second.

24. 36, 800, 000 the number of heartbeats per person per year.

25. Almost half of all human bones are in the hands and feet.

26. People with blue eyes are more sensitive to pain than any others.

27. Nails of fingers grow about 4 times faster than the nails of toes.

28. Human skin is replaced about 1, 000 times in the life of man.

29. There are over 100 different viruses that cause colds.

30. The adult body has about 75 kilometers of nerves.

31. The bones of man contains 50% water.



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blue orka
blue orka
06.09.2012 14:56
Is all true ?