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6 unique facts about dreams


Dreams have harassed the greatest minds of hundreds for thousands of years. Dreams are something that can not yet be fully explained by science. Many people believe that dreams can foretell our future. Scientists are trying to find answers to prove it.

Is it true that blind people see their dreams?

This is true only for those who have lost their eyesight due to any reason. People born blind do not have this privilege. Otherwise, people with acquired blindness see dreams and in black and white and color.

Dreams prevent nervous breakdowns.

Dreams constitute reflections of our desires, both conscious and subconscious, in order to help our nervous system. Recently, researchers conducted the following experiment: they put volunteers on an eight-hour sleep, just when they dream, they wake up. After several hours they became irritable and began to jitter.

In our dreams we see only those people who we have seen.

The brain does not "invent" new characters. People who appear in our dreams are those who we have seen somewhere and anywhere. For example, after 40 years we can dream a man who has gave his assistance in a dangerous situation. Throughout ones life, we see thousands of people who then attend in some form in our dreams.

Some people dream in black and white.

About 12% of people dream in black and white. So far scientists can not understand why this is happening.

Nicotine affects dreams.

Here is a very curious fact, people who give up smoking, dream more vivid dreams than smokers or those who have never used nicotine.

During sleep the body of man is paralyzed

This actually is true. Our brain is trying to exclude the centers of movement and physical activity, so if there is any injury to us in our sleep or movement, it can not be transferred into reality.



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Jasmin Sanders
Jasmin Sanders
06.07.2012 17:20
wowthat sounds amazing that with the fact of us having dreams its about peoplewe have seen but for some odd reason i had a dream about some people het i am sure that i have never seen in my life, but in my honest opinion this story was interesting.