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Facts and Myths about Vampires


Real vampires look similar to their prototypes from legends and movies. There are many myths concerning vampires but not all stories passed down from our ancestors are true. Which are true and which aren't?

Vampires are undead and sustain themselves with human blood.

This is exactly right. Vampires are clinically dead - their hearts do not beat, they do not breathe, their skin is cold, they do not age... In order to maintain its unnatural immortality, a vampire must drink blood regularly, preferably human blood. Some god-fearing vampires extend their existence by drinking the blood of animals, others are forced to hunt their own kind to survive. But most vampires in reality live thanks to human blood.

Every person bitten by a vampire, becomes one.

This is a myth. If it were true, the world would be filled with vampires. Vampires, when feeding on human blood, sometimes murder their victims themselves. But most people that have been attacked by vampires die anyway. In order to become a vampire, the victim must lose all of their blood, then drink part of it from the very vampire that bit them. This process represents the mystical transformation from human to vampire.

Sunlight burns vampires.

This is true. Vampires avoid the sun, they might die otherwise. However, some vampires are able to withstand the sun's rays for a short time. They are creatures of the night.

Female Vampire

Vampires fear garlic and flowing water.

False. This is just a myth and nothing more.

Vampires die if a stake is driven through their heart.

This is also false. If a wooden stake, arrow or arbalest bolt pierces the creature, it will become paralyzed until the sharp object is removed.

Vampires have the strength of 10 people, can control wolves and bats, can hypnotize the living and heal severe injuries.

Both true and false. The strength of a vampire increases with age. The newbies, the young vampires, are much stronger than humans. But with age, the vampire becomes wiser and learns to use his abilities shrewdly. The might of aged vampires can compete even with the elders of vampire society, that have wandered through the night for thousands of years.