Sensational: Treasure Worth Billions Found on Sunken ShipSensational: Treasure Worth Billions Found on Sunken Ship
08 Dec.
For centuries, the exact location of the sunken ship remained unknown. Thousands of legends were birthed about the untold treasure the ship was carrying....
A 4500-Year-Old Ship Found in an Egyptian NecropolisA 4500-Year-Old Ship Found in an Egyptian Necropolis
21 Mar.
The found ship is in very good condition because the sand covering it had preserved it from the effects of time over the centuries....
Four World Mysteries That Remain UnsolvedFour World Mysteries That Remain Unsolved
13 Apr.
There are some out there that seem as if they'll forever remain unsolved. Our planet is vast and wonderful....
Damned shipsDamned ships
22 Sept.
As the dissembling of the ship began they discovered the remains of a swimmer that disappeared during the construction of the ship....
The Bermuda Triangle Swallows Another ShipThe Bermuda Triangle Swallows Another Ship
05 Nov.
Only a life preserver was found from the SS El Faro cargo ship which disappeared at the beginning of October in the Bermuda triangle region....
When brain stops working, consciousness remainsWhen brain stops working, consciousness remains
26 Apr.
British scientists say they have found evidence of the independent life of human consciousness from brain activity....
How is Gold Found?How is Gold Found?
28 Jan.
Gold is usually found in riverbeds or valleys, its presence evident by a combination of signs....
Hidden Planet Nine FoundHidden Planet Nine Found
22 Jan.
The newly found planet is a gas giant, its mass between 5-10 times greater than that of Earth's. It lies far in the periphery of our Solar System....
Vampires found in BulgariaVampires found in Bulgaria
15 Aug.
In Sozopol were found graves, whose number exceeds seven hundred and there were buried nobles. Except the male skeleton, whose breast had a stake, another one was found next to it, which belonged to a woman....
Mummy of Nefertiti foundMummy of Nefertiti found
04 Oct.
Along with them American archaeologists found 20 clay tightly closed containers....
The Philadelphia Experiment - the Invisible, Time Traveling ShipThe Philadelphia Experiment - the Invisible, Time Traveling Ship
03 Aug.
The story of the USS Eldridge remains one of the greatest mysteries even today, with no one able to completely prove or disprove the claim that the vessel had time traveled....
Extraterrestrial Mummy Found in GermanyExtraterrestrial Mummy Found in Germany
06 June
The Nebra sky disk, which was found in June 2001 in the Saxony-Anhalt province, is the oldest depiction of the heavens found so far....
Heinrich Himmler's Secret Archive FoundHeinrich Himmler's Secret Archive Found
29 Jan.
Documents and letters from one of the leaders of Nazi Germany during World War II - Heinrich Himmler, were found in a private home in Israel....
Cooking Recipes of Cannibals FoundCooking Recipes of Cannibals Found
27 May
Spanish and Italian experts studied the bones of 18 individuals found near Mexico. Upon inspection of the remains, they noticed that the killed people had become victims to cannibalism....
New pyramids found in EgyptNew pyramids found in Egypt
29 June
The ancient Egyptian pyramids are massive monuments with a large square base and four triangular walls that meet at a common point at the top....

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