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When brain stops working, consciousness remains

When brain stops working, consciousness remains

British scientists say they have found evidence of the independent life of human consciousness from brain activity. In their mind the consciousness continues to live and then die as the brain and vital functions have ceased.

When a man lies between life and death, sometimes seen are extraordinary things. Patients tell about it after to the ER doctors. English nurses from the Central Clinic in Southampton conducted extensive research. They analyzed 63 patients who were in a state of clinical death after a heart attack, and then returned to life.

56 patients remembered nothing. Four other people had clear memories were as they described their experiences as joyful and having the feeling of being in a world where time passes very quickly. Doctors say in this condition, they experienced a moment in which their brain had turned off. You will recall that clinical death occurs after cardiac arrest, breathing should stop breathing and oxygen to the brain is therefore prevented. Ten seconds after the stopping of the heart and the brain turns off the monitor then shows a straight line.

One of them recounted with horror, sharing their experience of finding hundreds of people with severed heads, and gladly returned, however, returning was very difficult. Other experienced bliss, but returned for their family because they could not leave them alone.

Researchers are completely convinced that when the brain has ceased, the mind is active and specific visions occur exactly at the time. In practice, the visions of blind people from birth and those without vision problems were roughly of the same descriptions.

Doctors believe that the visions can not be explained as the oxygen starvation of the brain means that the brain cells does not work at this time. But far from everyone who has fallen in clinical death, sees similar things, 18 percent of people who have returned to life after medical intervention have experienced similar recordings.