Obese people sleep lessObese people sleep less
12 Feb.
relates to the fact that when one does not sleep, one eats more, but it became clear that it is not so. Appetite and diet do not influence the weight of women who sleep less. The reason why lack of sleep affects our...
More sleep, smarter childrenMore sleep, smarter children
30 Mar.
Less than 6 hours of sleep reduces the child\'s intellectual level of 20-30%, scientists have calculated. Their conclusion is that kids have to go to bed on time and not hang with the adults at the table or watching TV...
A Dark Office = Less SleepA Dark Office = Less Sleep
08 Aug.
has an influence on a good night's rest. The new study reveals that employees who need to work in enclosed areas where there is no natural light, sleep much less than other people. The results show that persons who...
Mutated gene makes us sleep lessMutated gene makes us sleep less
08 Feb.
Known history of many great personalities and heads of state who have experienced earthly time watching more than a dream. Ability to sleep for 6 hours and even less time, had Gaius Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte...
Studies Have Found Why Elderly People Sleep LessStudies Have Found Why Elderly People Sleep Less
28 Aug.
Research by medics from Harvard University has found the reason why elderly people sleep less than younger folks. It's due to the decline in certain neurons. The scientists' research has determined that with age...
Not much sleep, less likely to get dementiaNot much sleep, less likely to get dementia
28 Jan.
Attention, Sleepyhead! Too much sleep may harm your health. Spanish researchers found that older people who sleep more than nine hours a day, have a higher risk of developing dementia. Dementia is a disease of...
We Learn More Effectively After a Good SleepWe Learn More Effectively After a Good Sleep
30 June
sleep is healthy and improves memory has been proven in a multitude of studies throughout the years. But for the first time ever, scientists have managed to prove that by sleeping, we boost our ability to learn more...
How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?How one sleeps, and what the phases of sleep are?
20 Feb.
One third of our lives is spent in deep sleep. For more than a century medics are trying to unravel the state of mind during this time. However, are still failing to provide an answer to this fascinating mystery. Do...
Sleep Improves VocabularySleep Improves Vocabulary
26 June
When parents read stories to their children before bed, this helps them greatly expand their vocabulary, claim French psychologists. Scientists have found that a good night's sleep plays a key role in the brain's...
Tips for sound sleepTips for sound sleep
04 May
. Caffeine contained in coffee is a stimulant and usually takes 6-8 hours to get rid of it\'s impact. Some assimilate more slowly, and it is the afternoon coffee that prevents sleep. Carbon monoxide contained in...
More and More People Feed Only on SunshineMore and More People Feed Only on Sunshine
30 Sept.
. Once out of her heavy mental state, Zinaida became a vegetarian and followed an amplification of spiritual practices. That's when she decided to live entirely on solar energy. She is convinced that this is an...
Sleep paralysis and feeling awfulSleep paralysis and feeling awful
26 Mar.
crying even more. I must mention that before going to bed each night, I pray. I read other threads here and related comments, some of whom advised to pray to God and to believe, but given that I do this every night, I...
Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?Which Sleep Position is Healthiest?
29 July
Your "favorite" sleep posture may cause you back and neck pains, stomach problems, even premature wrinkles. Here we will discuss the best positions for your body while sleeping and the ones which are best to...
Hypnosis During SleepHypnosis During Sleep
11 Mar.
Hypnosis is a condition in which a person falls into a trance. Then it’s susceptibility to suggestion, as well as tranquility and imagination are enhanced. This state is not like sleep, because the subject is alert the...
Phases of sleepPhases of sleep
12 Dec.
With a number of modern electron physiological experiments nocturnal sleep has demonstrated that it is composed of different phases that are repeated in cycles. There have been two main phases of sleep: Orthodox...

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