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Good people live longer

Good people live longer

Most likely you have heard a some point in your life that envious and evil people leave earlier from the world.

To solve this puzzle is an experienced physician from the University of Pittsburgh and Dutch scientists led buy Dr. Hilary Tindall.

For eight years they studied 100, 000 men and women making complex psychological tests on each that allow them to know these peoples views on life and sex.

Good people live longer

The conclusion they reached following these studies was that the friendliest optimistic, smiling, and helpful people live much longer than a cynical pessimist.

"Cynicism, malice and anger increase blood pressure", says Dr. Tindall. "It was found that the optimists are at much lower risk of developing heart disease than those who are pessimists" the doctor continues.

"Grim and black thoughts seriously endanger the health", the researchers go on. Research specialists from England showed that when a man broke into a rage his body produces substances that lead to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Negative emotions are associated with the release of the aggressive hormone testosterone. If the level in the body is constantly above normal is distorts hormone balance, resulting in serious damage to all major organs.

According to scientists from Boston University in the United States, certain features of bad character can be transmitted by inheritance, and also can affect the life expectancy.

"If you are tired of feeling angry, go to the gym. It will save your health", doctors advise.