Unexpected Facts about RainUnexpected Facts about Rain
19 Jan.
His death was 100% guaranteed if he forecast pouring rain and it did not come. 3. Rain has a color. But not every rain. It can come in various tones....
Acid Fog Erodes Martian RocksAcid Fog Erodes Martian Rocks
07 Dec.
Researcher Shoshanna Cole has found what's been eroding the rocks on Mars - an acid fog caused by volcanic eruptions. Cole makes her conclusion based on data received from the Spirit Mars Rover....
What is Synesthesia?What is Synesthesia?
07 Aug.
Francis Galton first clearly described and documented synesthesia in the 19th century. The word "synesthesia" means mixed perception. During its occurrence, it links the modalities with one another. This means that one...
What is intuition?What is intuition?
10 Jan.
You have to be alone in the room, get a map and listen to their inner voice, to know what it is - diamonds, spades, hearts or clubs. Remove one by one all the cards....
What Recurring Dreams MeanWhat Recurring Dreams Mean
05 July
Sick people, as well as those who are falling sick, remember what they have dreamt more often. Normally, such dreams have no connection with external factors and experiences....
What are Space Jellyfish?What are Space Jellyfish?
27 Sept.
It is not yet clear what their composition is, nor exactly how to guess where they might fall. There are even hypotheses that space jellyfish are of terrestrial origin....
What is sixth sense?What is sixth sense?
06 Dec.
The world is made up of five cosmic elements - earth, water, fire, air and ethereal world that can not be seen. Although we can not take the affect of this world on our lives greatly, we can get into harmony with it, using...
What is a Soul Mate?What is a Soul Mate?
20 May
No matter the type of relationship we are in - love, friend, family, all sorts of feelings awaken in a person and they unwittingly connect with another person. A soul mate is considered a partner with whom we can merge...
What is your Intellect Type?What is your Intellect Type?
09 Mar.
., repeat what you hear and think when watching TV for example. Study the different personality types....
What Leads to Poor Sleep?What Leads to Poor Sleep?
24 June
Sleep is the time when the body rests, regenerates and restores all of its systems. Lack of it, aside from leading to headaches, disrupting the activities of the different organs and systems, can also disrupt our psychological...
What is Our Dark Side?What is Our Dark Side?
28 May
What you dislike in others; 2. What you hate; 3. What provokes your hostility; 4. Which criticisms you cannot handle; 5. What you constantly surround yourself with; 6. What you are afraid of; 7....
What Our Favorite Colors RevealWhat Our Favorite Colors Reveal
16 Oct.
One's favorite color often shows exactly what type of energy they need in order to maintain their inner balance....
What we know about deathWhat we know about death
17 June
What is known, gives some insight into this mysterious process. Basic knowledge of death can help the family, relatives and one’s self when dying to prepare for the inevitable....
What are Somatics?What are Somatics?
26 Oct.
Somatics is an unusual phenomenon witnessed in the Himalayas. By definition, a somatic state is a state, similar to lethargy, which only the most spiritually advanced yogi attain. Somatics can be described as a type...
What Dreams of Cheating Actually MeanWhat Dreams of Cheating Actually Mean
04 Sept.
If you dream that you're cheating on your partner or that you're falling under the spell of a charmer or temptress, do not fear for the future of your serious relationship because these types of dreams reveal something...