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What is your Intellect Type?

Nina NordNina Nord

People possess different intellectual capabilities, including masteries of language, music, spacial orientation and other kinds - the types of intellect are 9 in total.

Linguistical intellect represents the ability to read, write, tell stories and learn foreign languages, grammar and syntax. To improve these skills, you need to constantly be learning new languages.

Logical-mathematical intellect is inherent in persons who work as programmers. They feel in their element when it comes to numbers, logic and reasoning. To further your logical abilities, solve logic puzzles more often and study computer programs.

Musical intellect is characteristic of those who are receptive to sounds, tonalities, chords and the structure of a song. To develop your musical skills, listen to different types of music, sing along with the radio and remain silent at other times so that you're able to hear the sounds all around you.


People with a highly developed spacial intellect can easily imagine and understand the visual-spatial world. They have a well-developed sense of direction, hand-eye coordination and visual memory.

Some of them can easily imagine how a certain piece of furniture will look like in a room without using a tape measure or they can buy a scarf that will go with the sweater they have at home.

To further your spatial intellect, sit in the backseat of a car and point where the driver should go, solve mazes and puzzles, build Legos, make figurines out of clay.

Bodily-kinesthetic intellect is found in people with highly developed motor skills. These include athletes, construction workers, actors, surgeons. Yoga is a wonderful way to better enhance these abilities, as well as biking, dancing and all kinds of sports.

Interpersonal intellect is characteristic of folks who are adept at organizing other people, can pick up on the mood and motivation of others. They can effectively communicate with others and lead them.

To improve your interpersonal intellect, practice active listening, i.e., repeat what you hear and think when watching TV for example. Study the different personality types.

Intrapersonal intellect - it is expressed in the capability to realize your own emotions, goals and motivations. This skill is commonly used by writers, philosophers and psychologists. To sharpen these abilities, keep a journal, meditate and mentally test yourself.

Natural intellect is typical for people who are interested in nature and can easily identify and classify various plants and animals. To better this intellect type, spend more time outdoors. Plant plants, help animals, take walks in the park.

Existential intellect encompasses all brain functions. Persons with these skills delve into the questions of life and death and that which is found outside the limits of the subjective viewpoint.

Prayer and meditation increase the links between different areas of the brain and decrease blood flow to the parietal part of the brain that provides a subjective sense of time and space. You can refine these abilities by talking a lot with people and studying a wide range of topics.