Screaming Has a Miraculous Effect on the Body! Find out Why it`s Important to Scream


It's well-known that quiet has a positive effect on our health and energy. It's no accident that the vow of silence is common in so many spiritual teachings.

Esoterics believe that a person can improve their health and cleanse their aura just by keeping quiet even for 1-2 hours a day. But screaming can also have a cleansing and healing effect on us, claim those who study eastern teachings.

During the course of our daily routine, each of us interacts with many other individuals, experiences disappointment, offense, pain, anger. If all of these negative feelings are suppressed, they turn into a real poison for the body.

Subsequently, we begin to suffer from ulcers, migraines, tooth problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, insomnia, nightmares and even cancer. The problem is most disastrous for men who buy into the belief that they must not share their feelings and never voice anything.

Everyone should be made aware that screaming periodically helps one release everything negative that accumulates. Therefore, be bold and express your feelings - cry, yell, let everything bad out of you.


Of course, it's not wise to yell at your loved ones because you'd only be sending them negative vibes. It's best if you go somewhere out in nature, find solitude, spread your arms and scream as loud as you can. You will immediately feel relief.

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