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Find out More About your Character with the Pyramid Test

Antonia R.Antonia R.

With a simple test of your imagination and initial reactions, you can find out more about your own character in no time. All you need is a pen and paper to write down the first things that come to mind in a hypothetical situation.

Imagine that you find yourself all alone on a remote island and you find a pyramid by complete accident. Now answer the following questions and then check to see the symbolism of each of them.

1. What material is the pyramid made of?

2. Does the pyramid fit in your hand or is it larger than you?

3. The pyramid opens and you see that there's something inside it. What is it?

4. You see that there's a fire pit nearby. How large is it?

5. How far away from the fire pit are you going to lie down - near or far?

6. Will the fire attract animals or keep them away?

7. You wake up in the morning and find that the pyramid is missing. What are you going to do - will you think that it was stolen and immediately begin looking for it or will you think back to where you might have left it last night?


1. The material the pyramid is made of indicates your emotional stability. If it's made of iron, wood or stone - you're an emotionally strong person but if it's made of glass or paper - you are emotionally vulnerable.

2. If the pyramid fits in your hand and you can hold it, it means you like to control the people and events in your life. But if the pyramid is bigger than you, you may see yourself as an open-minded person that gives complete freedom to the people around you.

3. The treasure found in the pyramid symbolizes the field that brings you the most comfort. If you find a ring, gold coins or other valuable objects, you have need of financial stability to feel comfortable. But if what you find is in some way related to loved ones, a hobby or work, you're a spiritual person.

4. The size of the fire pit represents how large your ego is.

5. Depending on the location you choose around the fire pit, you'll find out whether you're close to your family. If you lie down next to the fire, you share with your family with pleasure and if you lie down far away - you're not that close.

6. If you're not afraid of any animals that may get close, you have no problem defending your position when attacked. But if you prefer to keep the wild animals at a distance, you easily get upset when others don't agree with you.

7. Your reaction upon seeing the missing pyramid shows how patient you are. If you immediately think it was stolen and begin looking for it, you are an impatient and impulsive person. But if you first think about where you might have put it, you are a rational person, who prefers to analyze a situation before they act.