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The Miraculous Effects of Silence! Find out Which Diseases it Cures

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Nowadays, people talk more and listen less. Think of how much we could achieve if we stopped babbling at least briefly and kept silent.

There's nothing boring or worrisome about silence. In fact it served as a tool which the ancients used to restore their inner balance, to charge with new energy and even cure certain diseases. It's no accident that vows of silence are such widespread religious and philosophical concepts.

Of course, to actually enjoy the benefits of this ritual you don't need to be a religious person. You just need to be aware of your actions and believe in the miraculous powers of silence. Here's how to conduct healing rituals dedicated to silence.

There are 2 options, the 1st more suitable for individuals that have a more hectic daily routine.


1. Keep completely silent for at least 3 hours every day for a period of 1 month.

2. The 2nd option is for the sufferer to stay quiet for 4 full consecutive days.

Whichever one of the options you choose, it's important to follow a few simple rules.

When keeping silent you need to be in complete solitude. Turn off all electronic devices at home that can make you lose focus. Be alone with your thoughts and try to get in a positive mindset. Don't think about the problems of the outside world.


Instigate a feeling of happiness and enjoy the sun's rays and tranquility. Relax and breathe deeply and rhythmically. Imagine how the air going through your body heals every sick organ. Soon you'll feel better.

They say silence has the amazing power to cleanse not only the body but bad karma as well. Try it, especially if you're suffering from stress, depression, paranoia, ulcers, migraine, insomnia, diseases of the respiratory system.