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Find out What the Horoscope has in Store for January 27


Venus in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius are in a tense square today, which is going to make communication with those closest to us more difficult and require a lot more patience, in order for us to handle our routine obligations.

Organize yourself well today and follow your schedule strictly, to minimize your mistakes at work and not have misunderstandings with others.

Throughout the day, try to finish your serious tasks first before you indulge in pleasures.


It's recommended that if you're having mixed feelings toward an issue or person today to abstract yourself and try to look at it from a different viewpoint. Your feelings may be quite intense and preventing your realistic judgement but despite this, try to analyze things soberly and reasonably, instead of reacting emotionally.


New opportunities for your professional growth may appear today but you shouldn't rush with any radical decisions regarding your future. Try to distinguish your emotions from your reason when making a choice and ignore others' advice because they may mislead you, even if unintentionally.


Throughout the day, you're going to hunger for new knowledge and challenges, while your inborn curiosity will drive you to investigate everything you encounter. Just take care not to distract yourself too much from your serious obligations and neglect your work projects. Alongside what you're passionate about, you have to pay attention to your serious responsibilities.


Today you're going to have to be more impartial and not pick sides between your acquaintances, even if your emotions are tugging you in a particular direction. Strive to keep your feelings in check, without demonstrating them to others, as they will undermine your authority in front of them. Your emotions may be misleading you, leading you to make serious mistakes if you're not objective.


Think carefully before offering your hand to anyone today, as there's a danger of you falling victim to manipulations and fraud. Don't be mislead by the complaints of others, instead decide for yourself whether they deserve for you to be devoting a great portion of your personal time, whilst neglecting your own work. Don't give in to your primary emotions, ponder everything thoroughly.


Don't allow your emotions to govern you throughout the day, as your anxiety and fear may be your greatest obstacles in realizing your goals. Even if it's hard for you, be more calm and follow your old plans to the letter. The criticism of those around you must not discourage you and alter your daily routine.


Today it's highly likely you'll be sinking into a world of fantasy and wishing you could hide away from reality using your imagination. No matter how nice it feels to laze around and not take up anything serious, you're going to have to organize yourself well today and focus on your serious obligations. Try to be more disciplined and don't overlook your important projects.


You may seem like a lone wolf in the eyes of others but this shouldn't affect your decisions. Strive to carry out what you've planned and don't be influenced by others' opinions, who are going to distance you from realizing your dreams, even if their advice is well-meaning. Keep calm and act coolly, in order to move forward.


Your conversations today aren't going to be among the most pleasant but you may reap very valuable information from them. Don't dismiss the information with a light hand, even though it's not going to come in a form you'd like. The day will allow you to look at some of your problems from a different perspective and enable you to get out of some very tangled situations.


Today, focus primarily on the practical side of life and avoid risky actions at all costs. Financial issues and material comforts need to be at the top of your list today, while you ignore those putting blame on you. Devote your time to your personal projects and don't feel guilty for wanting to focus primarily on yourself.


Be careful with the strength of your desires today because they may distract you from your serious obligations at work. Various opportunities may appear which lead you to abandon your obligations but don't give in to these temptations because the consequences later won't be minor at all. Organize yourself and isolate yourself from everything that may distract you.


Do not allow negative thoughts to dominate your day, instead focus on the tasks awaiting you. Go with the routine flow and don't allow your strong emotions to stall your productivity. Devote your free time to meditation and other spiritual practices that will help you free yourself of the nervous tension throughout the day.