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Find out What the Horoscope has in Store for you on February 16


The Moon enters Pisces today, requiring us to be kinder and gentler toward others. Even if you've serious work ahead of you, don't become overly critical and cold toward those around you.

Just a day after the New Moon and solar eclipse in Aquarius, the period is suitable for initiating new undertakings but you need to be careful because your fantasies could be misleading.

We're going to be walking the fine line between reality and imagination today and must therefore avoid risks.

Carefully consider every step and listen to your intuition if you experience any doubt.


Today, try to do more for others and not so much for yourself. Try to surprise your loved ones with small gifts, instead of constantly demanding their attention. Show that you can be a reliable partner by supporting others and forgetting about your personal issues for a moment.


The day is going to create opportunities before you for material improvement but even if you receive more earnings than usual, don't rush to spend everything at once. Possessions aren't going to bring you much satisfaction today, so spend your money on going out with friends. Conversations with them will make you relax and forget about the stress.


Focus only on your most crucial undertakings today, everything else can wait. Try to hear out all of the criticism aimed at you because in all likelihood it will be truthful and help you improve your work. Be consistent in your attitudes toward others because unseriousness will push others away.


Today, focus more on your health, avoid stressful situation. Avoid becoming involved in debates at work that don't concern you personally, instead carry out your usual obligations, without paying much mind to the tiny obstacles. Act wisely today, while carefully analyzing your decisions, even those pertaining to the most trivial issues.


Work on your unfinished tasks today and try to finish what you've already begun. Also try to pay off any debts, in order to start clean on your new projects. You may face small problems today but feel free to ask friends for help and don't burden yourself with too many tasks.


Your energy is going to be low today, which is why you're advised to avoid emotional stress and physical strain. Try to rest more in the company of a good book or interesting movie. If needed, ask some of those close to you to take your place on certain projects.


The day is going to bring you greater responsibilities at the workplace. You're going to have to use your organizational skills and ability to collaborate with others in order to deal with the challenges. If you'd like your projects to rise to the top, it's important that you maintain a positive tone of communication with others around you and act more serious toward the tasks you've taken on.


Today you may receive the recognition and high praise you've long been waiting for from others. With your initiative you're easily going to become the center of attention, while your proposed ideas will be met with approval. Over the course of the day, go to new places and meet new people because they're going to put you in a good mood and open new opportunities before you.


If you act alone today you may fall victim to your overly romantic mindset. So before you act, make sure that you've surrounded yourself with plenty of reliable individuals, who will protect your from serious mistakes. Ask questions and seek others' opinions about the plans you intend to work on and don't underestimate their advice. You'll be able to realize your desires with a little help from the side.


Today you have the opportunity to take a huge leap forward in your profession, as long as you follow your intuition. The day may be dogged by an uncontrollable bustle but if you give your instincts priority you'll easily find your way out of the chaos. Don't overlook the advice of those around you either because some of these may turn out to be quite beneficial.


Don't make serious decisions today and try to be cautious, for the circumstances could be misleading. The probability of you being tricked or making serious mistakes as a result of your illusions will be high throughout the day, so avoid taking on overly serious tasks. If there's something that can't wait, seek collaboration from your loved ones.


The day is suitable for confessions, so if you've been wanting to admit something to your loved ones for a long time, this is the perfect time to gather up the courage and share what's been weighing you down. You may be feeling worried that your words will hurt others but if you continue hiding the truth from them, you'll only drift further apart. So bring the issues out to the forefront and face the consequences.