Horoscope for All Signs for May 11


The day is going to be productive but only until 10:00 UTC. Until then the Moon will be in Pisces, as well as in a harmonic aspect with Mars. Be cautious because events will develop dynamically, yet satisfactorily.

The Sun and Pluto are in harmony today. This will give personal abilities, gifts and talents a push. You're being given the chance to demonstrate all of your skills and gain more recognition, authority and power.

From 10:00 UTC to 13:41 UTC the Moon will be void of course. During this period, do not start anything new, including deals and negotiations. Proceed very carefully toward conflicting situations and people because today is the day when the tense aspect of Mercury with Mars begins forming, which will be exact tomorrow.

Today, Mercury is also headed toward a conjunction with Uranus. This is a very volatile aspect, one that will be exact on Sunday.


The day is not a particularly bad one. You may even make a wish come true. Even if you're beset by doubts during the morning hours, there won't be any sign of them in the afternoon. Plan your time well and expand your knowledge. Solve the issues related to real estate property. If you're planning a new business, learn about all of the requirements.


You know full well what you want and what you have to sacrifice for it. Be effective but also non-compromising. Everything is finally going according to plan, while those around you will have to accept this. They have no other choice. Try to find the balance. You can spend time exercising or doing physical labor. Spend more time getting fresh air.


A very important period of your life is ending and you may be a little saddened by it. Don't let your sorrow turn to anger toward others - especially toward your partner. It's no one's fault. Allow them to help you.


The 1st half of the day brings unpleasant surprises but later

you're going to feel more confident. You're going to discover new opportunities and immediately take advantage of them. The power and readiness to act decisively, even when it looks as though the circumstances aren't sympathetic to this, will grant you the advantage over your competitors. The day is going to test your emotional endurance, as well as the maturity of your feelings, plus your ability to compromise.


Don't be passive. Start acting and expanding your social circle. Bet on anything that could lead to something new. If something about direct communication worries you, try the digital version. Stimulate your creativity and you'll come up with a new way of attracting the attention of your counterpart. Awaken the pride and self-satisfaction of your partner and you won't go wrong.


The time is coming for you to make a difficult choice about who to give your attention to. Several individuals have need of you simultaneously, so inevitably someone is going to get the short end of the stick. Though you don't want to, you'll have to turn someone down. More than likely, love will have to give way to friendship for a time.


Today you're going to have to do something you don't feel like doing at all - to stand up for yourself. It doesn't matter whether it's your fault or not because everyone's going to point the finger at you. There's nothing left for you to do but admit to it and try to explain your behavior. You're going to need lots of luck on your side.


This is a day in which you'll be able to unveil the emotional side of your nature. Additionally it's a wonderful time for engaging in creative activities that call to your heart. It's difficult for you to resist the temptations and opportunities for changing things up in your life.


A wonderful day for rest and relaxation. Visit relatives, see your friends. You may grow closer or learn something new about yourself. Incredible achievements await you. Your interest toward everything progressive grows. Take interest in whatever's happening around you, while using the most unexpected sources of information to achieve this.


Let your curiosity lead you to make decisions. This will ultimately take you to a very interesting place. You don't have a path currently chosen. Let go of your habitual routine and seek adventures. Even if you have just one hour of free time, devote it to exploring new territories. Check to see what's going on in the world around you. This will help you come up with new ideas having to do with your work or a future trip.


A family issue will lead to unexpected financial losses. Don't overeat or overdrink today because these will lead to unexpected consequences. Don't be overly pedantic at the workplace and remember that everything can be achieved through hard work. Your best quality is your loyalty to others. Don't pay mind to any provocations, rely only on yourself. Devote yourself to spiritual practices as well. It's the only way you'll achieve success.


Many successes await you in the professional aspect. These have to do not just with achieving real results but with the formation of a reputation of one who is capable and knows many things. Make the right impression in the right people. This way, alluring prospects will appear before you soon. From a personal relations standpoint, the day is going to turn out to be quite complex. Don't be too demanding in your arguments and you'll keep the peace.

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