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Spiritual Medium Reveals What Happens to the Soul After Death


The subject of the afterlife has always been among the most fascinating for humans. It has captured the imaginations of our ancestors for thousands of years and continues to bring up questions even today.

Although science has advanced immensely, we are still unable to say for certain what happens to us when the body stops functioning and when we die.

There's plenty of theories about what happens to our soul when we die. Famous spiritual medium James Van Praagh, who claims to have had contact with souls for years, also has his view on the matter.

James Van Praagh is the author of several books about people communicating with their deceased loved ones. He's been on countless TV shows discussing issues related to spiritualism.

Find out what happens to our soul after the death of the physical body, according to medium James Van Praagh.

1. There's no pain felt


A lot of people wonder whether death is painful. According to Praagh, during this mystical process the soul simply leaves the burden of the body and feels relief. The phenomenon is linked to experiences such as tranquility and happiness.

2. Saying goodbye to your body and family

After death there is a period in which the soul still doesn't want to leave behind its home and loved ones. It even witnesses its own funeral.

3. Meeting with loved ones

Praagh explains that after the soul exits body it meets up with the souls of all those who were dear to us. What this means is that by no means are we going to feel lonely or sad when we leave our body.

4. Review of our earthly life

Once the soul leaves the body it has time to once again see and analyze everything that the body had lived through during its earthly journey.

5. Bliss

With the physical shell left behind, the soul experiences moments of bliss, happiness, harmony. It is finally freed of all burdens and can do whatever brings it the most joy.


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