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Spiritual Awakening - the 4 Signs to Recognize it


Man isn't born on this world just to feel well-fed. He is a complex creature, who needs to work on his self-improvement and spiritual growth throughout his entire life.

Unfortunately, not everyone is given the opportunity for spiritual awakening in this life but the lucky ones who are on their way to ascending to the next level of consciousness can very easily spot the first signs of awakening in their own selves.

Heightened sensitivity

The 1st signs of spiritual awakening is one's heightened sensitivity to their environment. It is characterized not only by increased sensitivity to smells, tastes or sounds but also increased sensitivity to people, their feelings, worries and anguish.

Often, individuals in this stage of awakening feel a sharp intolerance toward clothes that aren't made of natural materials, as well as toward processed foods, chemical detergents and others.

Bodily changes


En route to spiritual changes, we also inevitably see physical such. Unfortunately, they are not always positive. Heightened sensitivity also applies to the body's responsiveness to pain.

One begins to feel a weight in areas of the neck, shoulders, head. They feel as if they are carrying the whole world on their shoulders. These feelings can be overcome through the practice of yoga or Reiki.

Changes in aura/energy

On the journey to spiritual ascendance, inevitable changes also occur in the energy which affects the person's aura. One day you may be filled with energy and enthusiasm and the next find yourself drained of all essence.

Your energy and aura react furiously to the energy of others around you. This reaction can be so powerful that you feel it on a physical level, manifesting as tension in the stomach, heart pain, tightened chest. Until at one point, everything passes.

Sleep changes

One of the surest signs that you're on your way to achieving spiritual enlightenment is changes in your sleep. These may be expressed in a significant increase or decrease in how long you sleep, as well as changes in the actual way you sleep and dream.

During this period of growth, it's typical to witness incredibly realistic dreams, brimming with colors and light, which are not so easily forgotten upon waking, unlike the majority of other dreams.

If you're experiencing even one of these symptoms of awakening, don't try to resist because it is impossible to thwart this change. The only thing you can do is to embrace these signs and everything new that's coming.