If you`re Unlucky in Love, These Astrological Methods will Help

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If you feel that you're unlucky when it comes to love and romantic relationships, you can turn to astrology for help. By synchronizing with the influences of the planets, you're going to have better chances for success.

By using astrology, a person can learn a lot about the ways in which a particular energy flows and if they manage to synchronize with the vibrations around themselves, they'll be able to realize their desires much easier.

Since it is the closest object to us, the Moon has the greatest effect on us. In astrology, it is believed that it represents the emotional world of a person, including their ability to love.

With that in mind, there are several Moon-related practices, which, if we use, will help us adapt to the circumstances and enable us to attract love.

Read on and see what kinds of rituals to perform on which Lunar calendar days.

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1. New Moon Ritual

The New Moon, or First Lunar day, is considered to be the most mystical day of the month, when even the impossible can happen. Don't undertake anything specific, simply dream at will. Write your dreams down on a sheet of paper and visualize their happening. This is all that's required - soon you'll see them in reality.

2. Second Lunar Day Ritual

The Second Lunar day is also brimming with positive energy, during it you may find a person that's a perfect match for you. Take a look at the people around you because the person of your dreams may be right there. But be careful with your actions because everything begun today is going to have an influence on you for a long time to come.

3. Start your Plans during a Waxing Moon

The Waxing Moon phase is the most suitable period for beginning active pursuit of our dreams. No matter how sincere your wishes were during the New Moon, they won't be realized if you just lie down on the soft couch all day without lifting a finger. If you're worried about the difficulties, the waxing moon phase is suitable for starting something new because that's when you'll have the required energy and enthusiasm.

4. Listen to your Intuition on the Sixth Lunar Day

When the moon is in its 6th day after the New Moon, it's time to leave logic aside and listen to your inner voice. Stop thinking philosophically and seeking the practical answer for a moment, instead heed your intuition. Dreams during this period are also clearly showing which path you should take.


5. Take Action on the Twenty-First Lunar Day

The period of the 21st Lunar Day is also a time of action. It is then that your dreams are crystal clear and you're able to defend them more successfully. It's best to postpone risky undertakings for this lunar phase because you're going to enjoy better luck during it, even though the moon is waning. If you find yourself facing troubles in the love aspect on this day, it means the person is not for you and it's better to realize this fact now, rather than later.

6. Don't Do Anything when the Moon is Waning

When the Moon enters its waning phase, cease all actions related to the dream you're working on. It's time for a break, plus no matter how much effort you put in, it's not going to lead to any result. Leave things be for a bit and see how events develop without your interference.

7. Begin Serious Relationships on the Seventeenth Lunar Day

If you've found a person that matches your expectations, begin a serious relationship starting from the 17th Lunar Day. The longest and most serious relationships are built in this period.

8. Be More Social When the Moon is in Gemini or Leo

If it's hard for you to meet new people and are unable to make new contacts, go to social events when the Moon is in the signs of Gemini or Leo. This position makes flirting easier and boosts one's abilities to communicate.


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