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These Signs Will Find Love in the Year of the Pig

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Every year comes with new challenges and achievements for each of the zodiac signs. For some, these are successes in their personal life, for others in career or in love. Let's see which zodiac signs will find love in the Year of the Pig. 2019 is looking to be quite exciting!


An opportunity to find true love - you just have to accept it. Relax and start to let others into your world. You have time until the beginning of May, when the long-sought-after love will appear before you, take it. Capricorn is most compatible with Scorpio. The worst compatibility is with Virgo.



We all know Scorpios are passionate lovers but it's time to find a real partner. In 2019, a person will appear who will make you cease your flings and devote yourself to a genuine relationship. Things are developing quickly and furiously, even a wedding is possible at the end of the period. Who would have thought? The best compatibility is with Capricorn. The worst is with Aries.


The stars will finally make your dream come true and you'll find love in the Year of the Pig. Be wary and watch for the signs that fate is sending you. Accept others and don't miss the opportunity for meeting new people. One person will stand out from the crowd and impress you. They are your partner. Don't rush, get to know each other in order to see that they are your soul mate. The best compatibility is with Leo. The worst is with Aries.



There's quite an interesting summer in store for this zodiac sign - wonderful emotions related to love thrills. A turbulent relationship that will grow into a beautiful fairy tale. Expect lots of travels and exploring new places with your partner, who may turn into something more - a partner for life. The best compatibility is with Pisces. The worst is with Cancer.


For Taurus, the stars have determined great changes on the love front and an engagement. And yes, you will find love in the Year of the Pig! Usually, representatives of this sign are more reserved in expressing their feelings but in this period many of them will explode like a bomb! A wave of emotions, caused by the object of your desires, will wash over you. Changing where you live is also possible, for in all likelihood your partner will be from some other city or town. The best compatibility is with Cancer. The worst is with Aquarius.