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If This Happens to you, Soon Love will Come Knocking at your Door


Since love is the most powerful feeling in this world it's been linked to countless beliefs. Usually when it comes to love omens, people first tend to think of the broken mirror which predicts 7 years of romantic misfortune and anguish. However, there are also many beliefs that foreshadow an amazing and beautiful love to come. Read about some of these below!

Broken things bring good luck, while a broken wine glass portends that you're soon going to find the love of your life.

If a button tears off of your shirt, you're soon going to meet a new partner.

If the heel of your shoe breaks while you're walking down the street, you're also going to be riding on the wings of love for the next few weeks.

According to another belief, if your needle breaks while you're sewing, a member of the opposite sex is having romantic thoughts about you right at that moment.

Being stung by a wasp is a truly unpleasant experience but elderly people will tell you that it's a sign of love to come, one that will be burning hot and unforgettable.

If you see the shape of a heart somewhere in nature, you're going to get back together with a former love.


If you trip over a wooden chair, that's another cause to celebrate. Soon love will come knocking at your door.

If you happen to often look at the time and it shows 11:11, someone loves you very deeply.

Another belief states that if a woman spills a matchbox or ear swabs, she is going to receive a marriage proposal.

If you happen to notice a hat that someone has lost somewhere, a new love will appear in your life.

If you see a white dove, know that love is very close to you.